BMW Vision Next 100 Depicts The Future Evolution of Cars


BMW has already celebrated 100 years of successful production. Their models have always been modern and stylish. The company is not going to stop and starts new lineup. So, the first flagship of the impeding era is a futuristic looking concept which is known as BMW Vision Next 100. This is the model of a monolith design. When you look at, you may think that BMW forgot to include the doors.

BMW Vision Next 100 Modes

To begin with, BMW has set an eye on sportscars with the sporty saloon. Even though there were rumors about German carmaker aiming at SUV segment as well as at hypercars or flying cars which are powered by nuclear elements. Such promises are far from being realistic. BMW videos and presentations prove different. The core of BMW is still sporty looking sexy vehicles.

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In fact, BMW Vision Next 100 is an autonomous type of car. The auto has a shape which can be described as a shifting one. Nevertheless, the carmaker still does not reveal the main secret – what powers this model. Perhaps, there are a few options and a final decision has not been made yet.

This vehicle has some resemblance with i8 Spider which was finally presented during January CES. You can choose between two modes of driving. As you may guess one of them is autonomous, so the car can drive itself without human assistance.

Another one is a manual mode. Thus, you have the full control over the driving process. No matter which type of driving you trust, there is a boost mode which turns you into a superhero on the road. There are augmented-reality technologies which will assist you through your drive. So, the vehicle is safe enough even though it includes experimental features.

BMW Next 100 Video

BMW Next 100 Technologies

What is good about augmented-reality? The full list of its advantages is still in progress. What we know today is that these technologies will inform you about any hazardous situation even, if it is blurred or hidden on the way. BMW gives an example how this technology works. They show a cyclist being obscured by a truck. Your widescreen detects about a cyclist making the truck semi-transparent.

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You can also choose so-called ease mode. Thus, steering wheel folds away and seats become way more relaxing. So you can forget about tiring driving and enjoy your life inside of a comfortable BMW.

The new era design sticks to triangular motives and shapes. The body of the vehicle looks long and respectable. The whole car is made with the idea of improved aerodynamics in mind. The front grille is promised to work as an air intake.
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