BMW Water Injection Engine: How It Works


Hardly can any car brand boast about a technological advancement which can leave BMW far behind. BMW has always been known for its cutting-edge technologies and innovative decisions.

One of them is the creation of such injection system which uses water. Roughly speaking water injections are made to make cars more productive. Combustion engines will also benefit. Their consumption will be reduced. According to latest promises, production will be launched soon. The first auto equipped with such novelty goes under name known as BMW M4.

bmw m4 water injection engine

Novelty details

The performance of combustion engine has a number of limitations. One of them is temperature. Combustion chamber tends to be a really hot place. Too high temperature will inevitably end up in lower performance. The engine may get serious damage as well. Thing gets worse when charging an engine. Intercooler has its limits too. So it may not always do its work right. This is where BMW comes up with a refreshing idea. A water spray is enough to chill combustion air out. It also prevents an engine from knocking. The point of ignition is getting brought forward making us closer to a perfect value.

bmw water injection engine details
What is more, a higher density of cool air increases the content of oxygen in a combustion chamber. It leads to better performance and torque. It also makes thermal strain lower for many components which relate to performance. It decreases the risk of pistons and catalytic converters being damaged.

Technology use

To place water injection inside of BMW M4 a system with three injection valves was used. Each of them supports two cylinders of a six-cylinder inline engine. It helps to make the whole system compact and provide good distribution. The water tank can be found in the boot of the auto. Its volume is around five liters. The tank contains sensors, valves and water pump itself. They are under the control of engine electronics. To make the whole process safe water injection system uses an interesting automatic diagnosis.

bmw water injection engine technology

Whenever the tank is empty special measures protect the engine. By the way, engine can operate without restrictions now due to the absence of ignition point and pressure of supercharging. Water is made frost proof. When the engine stops water returns back in the tank from the pipeline . It helps to protect the whole system from freezing when it is cold outside.

Futuristic approach of BMW to present cars develops technologies as well as the whole market dramatically. Their idea of water injection is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it help to improve car performance but it will also make the driving process safer.
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