More Than 200 Chirons Have Already Purchased


Despite insane price tag (which is rather understandable for that performance), Bugatti has pretty impressive sales of its brand new Chiron model. More than 200 cars of this model have been purchased before the actual production.

So, we are likely to see a big number of Bugatti Chiron on the driveway in the next few months. 200 hundred is the total number. This is a number of orders which the company has received during the last week which is good news for the carmaker. This announcement has been made by the company representative during Motorsports Gathering in California when near production was partially revealed.

bugatti chirons have found more than 200 buyers

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Sold off

Nevertheless, the events disclosing some secrets around the model have already been held in Geneva where the car has been displayed for the prosperous and well-off audience. In fact, the sales reported by the automaker are likely to vary which is proved by several facts. For example, there is a possibility that some potential drivers may have ordered several cars. Others who have already made a deposit of $226,000 still may refuse from the final purchase due to their possible financial problems in the future or due to cars of the competitors being released earlier. There are not so many chances to learn the truth about real orders from Bugatti Chiron and possibility that the company simply manipulates facts is still high.

2017 Bugatti Chiron interior

Chiron is going to be one of the strong cars. It is promised that the model will develop up to 1500 horsepower which makes this auto a meaningful competitor on the market. The top speed promised by the manufacturer during numerous auto shows is up to 261 MPH. Today’s plan of Bugatti is to sell not less than 500 copies of their newly born technical monster. However, the company still does not give any particular details on special features and editions of upcoming Bugatti Chiron. So it is rather unclear how well equipped it is going to be. Nevertheless, we expect to know more about this aspect during the current displays of the model.

All in all, the expectations of Bugatti have become more ambitious since the first launch of Chiron concept. Now the company says that its goal is to sell 30% of Chirons in the United States only not to mention the worldwide market. It sounds rather unbelievable because the majority of potential buyers have already placed their orders. The possibility to gain a new audience is not that high.
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