Next Bugatti Model Might Be The Galiber Hatchback


Production car based on the 16C Galibier concept car – one of the four variants of cars that Bugatti company expects to fill in the model range. The alternative – a huge crossover in defiance of future Rolls-Royce SUV.

However, the third serial car after Veyron and Chiron is expected to be precisely a giant hatchback. The explanation is simple: the Volkswagen Group have enough large SUVs – luxurious Bentley Bentayga, upcoming sporty Lamborghini Urus, so Bugatti SUV may look already gone over the top. Honestly, there are plenty of huge luxury sedans as well, but the boss of the Bugatti brand Wolfgang Dürheimer personally advocates for the Galibier: “I wholeheartedly with this car. We have technological solutions that still no one has used in a production car. ”

Ultimate 4-door Luxury

On the sidelines whisper that Galibier can build on the MSB platform – a modular Porsche chassis. It has already become the basis for the new Panamera, and eventually it will get the future Bentley coupe. Note that the Galibier is an old dream for Dürheimer. Back in 2011, Bugatti Galibier concept received a green light, but in 2013 the current Bugatti SEO moved to the Audi, so the project was frozen. After the return, Dürheimer determined to push the matter to its logical conclusion. By the way, it was originally planned to release 3,000 copies of Galibier in eight years.
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