Buick plan to release Riviera successor


Once in 1998, big coupe Buick Riviera left the scene and the company has repeatedly attempted to recall its heritage, without exaggeration, the great personal luxury two-door cars. Rivera returned to concept car statusin 2007 and 2013, both experimental cars shown … in Shanghai. These are today’s realities, forcing the brand to pay special attention to China market. It went so far today that Envision crossover will be delivered to the United States from China!

buick avista

The third attempt to resurrect 2-door coupe in the Buick lineup does in isolation from the historical name, posing it as more neutral – Buick Avista. This concept, perhaps, the most close to the production car. Comparing with the original Riviera only the manufacturer and the body type are in common. Muscular body of Avista causes associations with Gran Turismo cars – in front of us a grand tourer, designed with a clear eye on the European cars. Avista has RWD platform, while the Riviera back in 1979 moved to the chassis with front wheel drive.

buick avista


Wheelbase – 110,6 in, only a tiny bit longer than the BMW 4-Series. The 3.0 liter V6 engine equipped with two turbochargers and produces 400 hp Why not stereotyped canonical V8? So after more Buicks in the 80s famous for ferocious six-cylinder turbocharged versions – is enough to recall the legendary Grand National coupe!

The Avista interior abounds with touch screens and, we believe, will be much less complicated in a production car. The release date of Buick Avista is unknown.

buick avista interior

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