Cadillac Escala Concept Might be A New Flagship


Cadillac is persistent on its way to creating a new flagship which is going to be the third one. The model chosen for this purpose is known as Cadillac Escala concept. As the company states, it is true that buyers are highly interested in obtaining more SUVs but Cadillac does need a good flagship. So, Johan de Nysschen has a few ideas how to provide the company with it.

cadillac escala

If you have forgotten or have never known, Cadillac has been teasing its loyal fans with the new possible flagships for quite a long time. At first, the company focused its attention on 2011 Ciel Convertible which fairly has not lived up to the expectations. Another attempt was 2013 Elmiraj Coupe which has not proved to be the flagship of the company either. So Cadillac is still searching for the new model to fit this vacancy. The third attempt has been made to Pebble Beach this time. It goes as Cadillac Escala which is translated as scale from Spanish. In comparison to the latest generation of CT6, this model is longer since it has six extra inches. Its body is made with four doors and the luxuriously looking badge saying Escala.

Cadillac Escala design concept

In fact, the company has had a lot of significant changes since Johan de Nysschen has joined. As an ex-boss of Infiniti, he has quite a big experience in handling questions like the one about new flagship. His arrival to the company has put an end to Cadillac competing Germans with CT6. What is more, CT8 has also been cancelled due to reasons unknown while some of the board members have been retired which signalizes about serious changes in the company of Cadillac.

Other unexpected rumors say that CT8 being shelved is not one of the most significant news about new ply of Cadillac. Even before CT8 had been cancelled the company has decided to create really spacious and extremely luxurious sedan as well as SUV. Even though Bentley is still the leader in the area of SUVs, Cadillac still tries to set a foot on this path.

According to Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac Escala has two main objectives. First of all, it is purposed to show new design and technical opportunities of Cadillac. Another goal is to show that the company is going to return to top premium class once again. The final ideas about Escala will be made in accordance with the development of luxury sedans segment.

Cadillac Escala specs

As for the Escala itself, it is going to be based on mixed materials of RWD type. It is supposed to use 4.2-liter engine of twin turbo type by GM. Its interior is going to be packed with a lot of gadgets in the front part while the rear area is purposed for comfort and relaxation.

Cadillac Escala pictures
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