Insane Tuning By Callaway – Corvette Station Wagon


The world knows different tuner modifications of Chevrolet Corvette, some of those are quite extreme. But one of the most unusual option is not impressive power but exterior. Callaway Cars company hit upon the idea to transform the Corvette coupe into a… sportswagon.

The company of Reeves Callaway, a member of the holder of the key overseas experts in General Motors tuning products, has long nurtured plans to transform the coupe Chevrolet Corvette in a car-type shooting brake – a three-door sportwagon called AeroWagon. Earlier in the web already pre-flashed images of outlandish tuning car, and now the public can appreciate a final appearance “aerowagon”.

callaway corvette aerowagon

Unique Station Wagon

From the previous version, the final one differs by more massive rear pillars. Most of the unique interior is borrowed from original Corvette – Front Panel, factory seats, but the cargo compartment, as they say in Callaway Cars, “increased significantly”. Note that this car is appropriate to refer to the format of shooting brake due to the three-door and specific appearance, while, for example, a five-door Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake is not as such and in fact operates the term in marketing considerations.

callaway corvette shooting brake

You could transform to AeroWagon any standard Corvette Stingray with a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated “eight” displacement of 6.2 liters (460 hp) and also catty Corvette Z06, armed with a supercharged V6 engine power of 650 hp. There is no information regarding the technical upgrades, but they are certainly possible – in particular, specialists of Callaway Cars ready to raise Stingray power output to 627 hp, while the Z06 – up to 757 hp. Tuners already collect pre-orders, and will begin to remodel coupe into wagons estimated in the fourth quarter of this year.
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