Car From Supernatural And Its History


Dean drives an interesting model with a history. 1967 Chevrolet Impala was a present of his present who obtained the car back in 1973. He even had a conversation with Dean over 1964 VW Van and this very Impala. You could have seen it in the episode known as “In the Beginning”. As far as Dean says the vehicle runs on 327 engine.

Supernatural car model also uses carburetor of four barrels. It is supposed that the auto bears Sedgwick County, Kansas license plate. We can judge it from KAZ 2Y5 which stands for Kansas. It is logical since Kansas is the home of the Winchesters brothers while 2005 is the year when the show was first launched. However, the car changed its license to Ohio plate. “What is and what should Never Be” episode showed the car with CNK 80Q3 plate.

Dean Winchester Car History

Fans of the series could see this Impala starting from the very first teasers. You must remember this scene when John Winchester watches his house burning down with his two sons. They all sit on the front part of this famous Supernatural car model.

As it turned out the vehicle was upgraded with heavy artillery to fight all types of supernatural monsters. Impala is very important for Dean because he protects by any means. In one of the series the vehicle is possessed by a demon trying to kill Sam and Dean. When Dean dies the car goes to Sam. However, Dean gets it back in the fourth season.

Dean Winchester Car in Real Life

Speaking of Supernatural Dean’s car in real life, it is classical 1967 Chevrolet Impala could output 275 horsepower in real life. Around 9 seconds was enough for the car to make it from 0-60. It was available in a number of different colours from tuxedo black to butternut yellow. The interior was of red, blue, maroon and other shades. It was produced as four-door wagon, hardtop sedan, and convertible coupe. The total amount of cars produced is 651,655.

The interior was of red, blue, maroon and other shades. It was produced as a four-door wagon, hardtop sedan, and convertible coupe. The total amount of cars produced is 651,655.

Dean Winchester Car List

Nevertheless, Supernatural Dean’s car list is rather wider. In one of the episodes he drives Dodge Caravan with Sam. Lazarus Rising shows us Dean at the wheel of 1962 Mercury Monterey. Toyota Prius, 1988 Ford F250 Pickup Truck and 1967 Ford Mustang are also on the list of the cars driven by Dean.

Those of you who watched the seventh season must have seen such models as 1983 Pontiac Acadian, 1970 Dodge Challenger, 1969 Buick, and 1940 Black Plymouth Road King. It is not the end of the car list. The seventh season also shows the following cars: 1971 Buick Riviera, 1973 Mercury Cougar as well as 1978 Maroon AMC Pace.
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