Car luggage net: Do you need it?


The net in the trunk of a vehicle intended for locking in place various kinds of tools and devices (for example, a jack, a portable illumination mobile compressor, and so forth), as well as for fixing the transported items. This product should be in the car, as it helps to avoid confusion in the rear compartment and removes the cause of the noise, which can produce the items scattered in disarray.

car luggage net

Types of luggage nets

The simplest form of mounting the net in the luggage compartment of the car – ordinary tie straps. But it has a significant drawback – do not allow to reliably fix small things during the shaking caused by driving on the road with questionable quality coating often slip out of his seat. It is much more practical in this regard, net trunk of a car (preferably with a fine mesh). It presses the items to the bottom trunk sides, not allow them to dangle on the rear.

car luggage net

Constant demand among car owners has a floor type horizontal cargo net. It will protect cargo against adverse movements not only for instruments or tools, but also to supermarket bought food, a change of clothes and shoes, etc.

Vertical grid is also well proven for the trunk of the car. Using it is convenient to fix motionless to the side walls, for example first aid kit, fire extinguisher or pump. Thus saving trunk space, and the motion does not cause noise and clatter, the source of which can be freely laying objects.

car luggage net

Sometimes small size weaving is used. It can be placed throughout the trunk or saloon by conventional Velcro – for fixing small items: brushes, barsetok, rags to wipe the inside of the glass. In contrast, the manufacturer offers coarse mesh for the trunk, which allows to mount when transporting comparatively large cargo.
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