What Car Owns Clint Eastwood?


If you are one of those people who like fundamental aspects of action movies such as big guns, bad guys, and awesome cars your interest may focus on Clint Eastwood. His image of a masculine has always been based on such thing as autos and dangerous chases. So which car owns the icon of a generation? Let’s find it out with all the details.

Clint has long relationships with the world of cars. After his recent film known as Gran Torino, he has proved this fact even more. His character’s 1972 Ford Gran Torino has become emblematic. It represents actor’s love to vintage cars because this one was chosen by Clint himself. The actor is also known for his love to 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 which starred in Dirty Harry resembling the tough nature of the character. In Every Which Way But Loose shows Clint’s addiction to 1955 Chevrolet 3100 which is really strong with a sleek appearance. Nevertheless, 1989 showed the actor from a new point of view represented by the pink Cadillac.

Why have preferences of Clint Eastwood changed through his career? The actor explains that when you are young you prefer flashy cars such as convertibles and when you get older you tend to like autos with iron around.

clint eastwood car

So what car Clint Eastwood drives in his everyday life? The answer is a bit unexpected. The actor can be seen driving around the city in his GMC Typhoon. It is a mistake to think that this is lowly kind of choice. Typhoon by GMC has been producing from 1992 to 1993 only. It can boast about V6 type of engine with 4.3 litre of displacement. Being paired with the AWD system this SUV is one of the fastest producing up to 280 BHP. GMC Typhoon borrows Hydramatic 4L60 transmission from Corvette which allows it to give out 360 lb-ft. Even though this auto has unsophisticated chassis, it is not that bad in handling.

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The only problem with this car is weak axle at the rear part. Due to its untypical springs, its considerable weight is apparent when driven along a rough surface. However, this problem occurs at high speeds. It is not that serious when driven with moderate speed.

According to Clint, he is used to his Typhoon and finds it responsible and easy to handle. He has not done a lot of modifications to the vehicle with the exception of tires. He chooses modern ones, not the ones used originally. Even though he does not comment on the interior of his car, it looks quite aesthetic with leather seats and steering. The electronics used is under question, though.

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