Car Shopping Tips


When it comes to buying a car, there are a lot of points which you do need to consider. Even if you are rather experienced in this aspect, you can always come across an unexpected issue. Here is our list of the things which will be useful for you when buying an auto.

Buying a New Car

1. You can get a good discount if you choose the right time to buy a car. Thus, when a new model (let’s say 2016) is going to be released, the older one (let’s say 2015) is going to have its price lowered.
2. It is far from being a smart move to visit your dealer on a busy day. You will not get as much attention as you could. Choose a weekend afternoon instead. You will get more opportunities to learn everything about your potential car.

car shopping
3. Do not neglect test drives. Try to make the most of it. It is useful to take people who will ride in this car as well. If some members of your family face inconvenience, it is best to know it in advance.
4. Do not hesitate to spend your time on finding a reliable dealer. Check out comments about dealers on the Internet. When making your choice ask whether you will be provided with bonuses like oil changes or car washes for free.
5. Do not forget to check whether your potential car fits your garage or parking spot. Ask your dealer to drive your car home and check it.

Buying a Second Hand Car

1. It is smart to choose so called certified pre-owned cars (CPO cars). They will cost you a little bit more but you will get more benefits. For instance, extended warranty, vehicle history will be checked and the whole look of the car will be much better.
2. Do not forget that those autos which are older and have high mileage will need upkeep. Take it into account when planning a budget. Even if this model is good and clean looking, you will still need to invest money into it.

buying a second hand car
3. It is not very smart to reject from buying a car if it has accidents fixed by AutoCheck or Carfax. These companies fix all types of minor incidents including parking lot dings. Be sure to check it out.
4. Try to learn how long the car has been on a lot. You need to ask for vehicle history report. Look at the date when it was printed. If it is recent, it is no use to ask for a big discount. However, if it is more than 60 days, your chances are high.
5. If you look for an auto online, make sure this model is still in stock. In fact, most of the inventory changes do not happen online. Some companies do not update them for hours or even days. Call you dealer first before paying a visit. It will be a decision which saves your time and prevent from unexpected purchase.
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