Carfax Issues Explained


Planning to purchase a second-hand auto? Then be sure to read through the carfax report carefully. Thus, you will get informed about such important aspects of the vehicle as its history, accident records and its value. Identification number helps to gather all the data about the car and tell you about its owner. You can even learn whether the vehicle has been flooded or fired before.

What is VIN?

VIN is an abbreviation for Vehicle Identification Number. You can find it inside the windshield. Check it out on driver’s side. Be sure to check that VIN shown to you belongs to the car you chose. Unfair dealers may use your inadvertence to sell the worse car for the higher money.

Engine Options

Be careful when reading engine details. When you see that the car chosen has a powerful engine with a lot of litres, you can be misled. Dealers may note the best characteristics offered by the carmaker but not the characteristics your would be engine really has. However, such situation is also common, if the previous owner has represented the wrong model of the auto.


Make sure that carfax report you are given provides reliable information on safety features. Sometimes this data is hidden from front pages and you need to look through carefully. This aspect is very important because it can tell you about the risk of getting injured if an accident occurs. You can also learn more about repair costs here. The information about these issues is usually provided by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute.

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Ownership History

When checking this aspect be sure to look at the year the car was purchased. Another important factor is the type of ownership. An auto could have been used for an individual driver or for corporate purposes. You should also enquire about vehicle relocations. Thus, an auto could get a salvage title in one state, then it gets repaired in another state and it is retitled after that. So, if your would-be car has been relocated a lot in a short time, it is a kind of indicator.

Accident Commentary

It is another important part of carfax report. It usually describes how severely the car was damaged and what reparations it has undergone. Some vehicle gets so much damage that they lose up to 75% of their value. You should also be ready to check police report which can give a few pieces of useful information about the vehicle which you are planning to purchase.
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