What cars prefer NASCAR drivers


When high speeds are your job, you certainly have a different approach to everyday vehicles. Being a racer is a passion not many people are made for, so how does it feel for professional drivers to be in the traffic? What are their preferences? Let’s find it out.

Brian Vickers

The guy is too busy to own a car. Being at home he gives his wife an opportunity to drive. When out of town Brian rents a car. As he says, seduction to bump other cars is too high for him in traffic.

Greg Biffle

His choice is Mustang Shelby GT500KR. He has done numerous modifications to this car himself. This is the best way for him to adjust a car.

Ryan Newman


This is the racer who loves classics. He prefers a ride in Ford Fairlane as well as 1948 Buick Roadmaster.

Carl Edwards

Carl has a car which may not be as flashy as you expect. 2010 Ford Fusion this is what he needs. The racer modifies the auto by improving its gas mileage.

Brad Keselowski

This is the man who can be either loved or hated only. No way you can ignore him. He earned his fame as first NASCAR participant to tweet from the car right during a race. You can see him driving Dodge Challenger.

Kyle Busch

You will feel jealous to know that 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 belongs to Busch. This is one of the craziest sport cars in American car making history. He is the owner of 1969 Camaro too. You may feel a relief to know that he sold them both at an auction.

Denny Hamlin

A choice which can be called exciting is made by Hamlin since Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition belongs to him.

Kasey Kahne

Passion for Dodge is what characterizes Kahne. Durango and SRT are the cars driven by him. However, his real matter of pride is Dodge Charger SRT8.

Jimmie Johnson

Not only has Jimmie sense of humor but love to classics as well. He can be seen driving 1949 Chevy pickup. Its motor and neat look are what makes this car best for Johnson.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

When you see brutal red giant parked, you should know that Dale is round the corner. He has created his own off-road from scratch. It is simply called Big Red.

Joey Logano

Even though he is young, his preference is old vehicles. To be more precise 1937 GMC truck.
Jeff Gordon Gordon’s collection of cars is a thing to boast about. Most significant models of his are Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and Jaguar XK8.

Tony Stewart

What appeals to Tony is famous 2003 Hummer H2 used for off-road driving. He is also known to possess Lambo and several muscle cars.

Danica Patrick

Stylish and smooth Lambo is a girlish choice. Danica loves her Gallardo as well as other models she has.

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