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Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian car manufacturer. Founded as A.L.F.A. (“Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili”, translating to Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory in English) on June 24, 1910, in Milan, the company has been involved in car racing since 1911. It was owned by Italian state holding company Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale between 1932 and 1986, when it became a part of the Fiat group. In February 2007, the Alfa Romeo brand was transformed into the current Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A., a subsidiary of Fiat Group Automobiles, now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Italy.

Alfa Romeo Wants To Produce SUVs Instead Of Spiders

Alfa Romeo wants to produce SUVs instead of spiders. The company starts a new policy which is more beneficial.

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alfa romeo 4c discontinued
Alfa Romeo 4C Might be Discontinued In 2020

Alfa Romeo 4C might be discontinued In 2020. The reason its being unpopular among drivers. Nevertheless, Alfa Romeo has prepared another units to shatter the market.

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2017 alfa romeo giulia
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia: fast Italian beauty

Alfa Romeo presented recently a brand new sports four-door sedan, which was named Alfa Romeo Giulia. Official first premiered in a renovated museum of the Italian company on June 24. But the global presentation will be held in the framework of the International Motor Show […]

2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio
2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio – first SUV of the brand debuted in LA

The future first Italian-born manufacturer SUV now acquired its own name. FCA Group in the person of its head Sergio Marchionne announced the news: 2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be the first Alfa Romeo crossover. Intra-index, however, the crossover is much more misunderstood: Tipo 949 […]

New Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016 Sedan Review

After Alfa Romeo’s 4C sports car series had hit America, many car enthusiasts were waiting, with bated breaths for Alfa Romeo to unveil their newest model, series or just anything to be honest. Rumors filled the void, with the name ‘Giorgio’ and a secretive group […]

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