Here you could find info about BMW new models 2017-2018 model years, inculding BMW 2017 SUVs, like the new X5 and X6 models, 2017 BMW models, like 5-series and 7-series and another new BMW models 2017-2018.

Some facts about the history of BMW

BMW AG (Bavarian motor plant) is a German automobiles, bikes, motorcycles and engines manufacturer.

Company’s slogans are- “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure”.

The company was founded in 1913, originally as an aircraft engines manufacturer.

The main markets are: USA (up to 300,000 pcs/year), Germany (around 280000 pcs), England, Italy, France, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, Spain.

Currently, started with a small aeroengine plant, BMW products in five plants in Germany and twenty-two subsidiaries scattered around the world. This is one of the few car vendors that do not use factories robots. The entire Assembly on the conveyor is manual. Before output computer diagnoses the main parameters of the vehicle.

In the last 30 years only BMW and Toyota concerns are able to work with annually increasing profit. Empire BMW, three times in its history exerted on the verge of collapse, every time rose and reached success. For all in the world, BMW is synonymous with high standards of automobile comfort, safety, technology and quality.

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Posted in BMW, Upcoming Cars
2018 BMW X1
New X1 2018 From BMW Is The Supreme Compact SUV

The X1 updated for 2018 model year is still one of the best option if you need a good-looking and well-handle compact premium SUV.

Volvo V60 VS BMW 3-Series comparison
Station wagons competition: Volvo V60 or BMW 3-Series Estate?

Station wagons are not very popular on the market of U.S. Still you can choose between Volvo’s V60 and BMW’s 3series estate. Surprisingly, they both are quite different and have different goals. There’re serious reasons to buy one of these cars.

2018 BMW 4 Series review
How Much Has BMW Changed in the 2018 Model Year 4-Series?

The compact executive Coupe from BMW was first announced back in December 2012, as a step up from the BMW 3 Series. For 2018, BMW have revitalized the 4 Series; at first glance, not much has changed, but look a little deeper and there’s plenty of stuff happening that makes it so much better, and we won’t have to wait too long to see it.

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2018 BMW 5-series
Hybrid Power for the new 2018 BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series has been around for decades, it’s BMW’s second best-selling model (after the 3 Series) and it seems it’s just a money-making machine for BMW – in 2010, sales of the 5 Series accounted for almost 50% of BMW’s overall profits. It’s popular, modern and looks great, just how can BMW improve on it for 2018?

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2019 BMW 3 series
2018 BMW M550i xDrive
New BMW M550i xDrive Is Faster Than Actually Looks

2018 BMW M550i xDrive is going to have a pretty lowered body with a powerful engine. The model follows the modern tendencies and has something to surprise you.

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2018 BMW 530e
Next Gen BMW 530e Is New iPerformance Hybrid

2018 BMW 530e iPerformance is going to be a sporty hybrid. The model includes the best features of the BMW family and has someting new to offer.

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2018 BMW i8
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car on motion
The Escape Movie by BMW Is One More Action Story

BMW has continued a series of short films. The new story goes as “The Escape’. It is an action film about secret experiments which is full of stunts.

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BMW Vision Next 100
The Future Evolutuion of Cars in BMW Vision Concept

BMW Vision Next 100 makes us closer to the future of carmaking. This vehicle has revoltionary design along with superhero technologies.

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2017 BMW M3
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2018 BMW 6 series
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