Here you could find info about BMW new models 2017-2018 model years, inculding BMW 2017 SUVs, like the new X5 and X6 models, 2017 BMW models, like 5-series and 7-series and another new BMW models 2017-2018.

BMW AG (Bavarian motor plant) is a German automobiles, bikes, motorcycles and engines manufacturer.

Company’s slogans are- “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure”.

The company was founded in 1913, originally as an aircraft engines manufacturer.

The main markets are: USA (up to 300,000 pcs/year), Germany (around 280000 pcs), England, Italy, France, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, Spain.

Currently, started with a small aeroengine plant, BMW products in five plants in Germany and twenty-two subsidiaries scattered around the world. This is one of the few car vendors that do not use factories robots. The entire Assembly on the conveyor is manual. Before output computer diagnoses the main parameters of the vehicle.

In the last 30 years only BMW and Toyota concerns are able to work with annually increasing profit. Empire BMW, three times in its history exerted on the verge of collapse, every time rose and reached success. For all in the world, BMW is synonymous with high standards of automobile comfort, safety, technology and quality.

BMW The Escape film
The Escape by BMW Is Another Action Story

BMW has continued a series of short films. The new story goes as “The Escape’. It is an action film about secret experiments which is full of stunts.

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BMW Vision Next 100
BMW Vision Next 100 Depicts The Future Evolution of Cars

BMW Vision Next 100 makes us closer to the future of carmaking. This vehicle has revoltionary design along with superhero technologies.

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2017 BMW M3
2017 BMW M3 revealed with thundering turbocharged unit

Who doesn’t love the BMW M3? Not many people we’d guess. The new 2017 BMW M3 builds on the heritage of this legendary BMW bruiser to make it faster, fitter and more fun to drive, but at a price! In some respects, the M3 comes […]

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2018 BMW 6 series
2018 BMW 6 series – new platform and full redesign

The new 2018 BMW 6 Series will be the fourth generation of this popular model, and while there is little official information regarding it at the moment, we’ve pulled together our sources to see what the general opinion is on how the new 6 may […]

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2018 BMW X7
2018 BMW X7 will be the new SUV flagship

The 2018 BMW X7 is something that has been on the cards for some time; in the U.S., the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class, Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade are some of the biggest selling cars of all time, why wouldn’t BMW want a slice of that […]

2018 BMW M5
2018 BMW M5 provide a new level of performance

2018 BMW M5 is a special high-performance edition of the 5-series sedan. What can we say about the legendary BMW M5 that hasn’t already been said? Apart from that it is truly one of our favorite vehicles. Ever. Of course, there are other machines available […]

2018 BMW X5: lighter, faster, roomier

Have you noticed the trend of X5 generation change? It is every six years or so, BMW has released an updated model. Now the manufacturer begins to test the first technical improvements that eventually find their way to the next generation model, 2018 BMW X5. 2018 […]

bmw released limited edition m5
BMW Released a Limited Edition M5

BMW has released a Limited Edition of M5 which is going to be exclusively sold in America. This is an expensive and good loking vehicle with high performance.

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2018 bmw x3
2018 BMW X3 promises new design and powertrain

Next model – 2018 BMW X3 will be the third generation of this popular compact crossover SUV. Typically, the average BMW model produces around 7 years (including restyling). If the Germans will not change its principles, the new BMW is due out in the second half of […]

2018 BMW 3 series
2018 BMW 3 series: new design, higher quality

According to the first information about the new generation of the legendary 3 series successor, will be released in 2018. It is expected 2018 BMW 3 series will get a new G20 codename. BMW is planning a new 3-Series to become the market leader and beat […]

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