Here you could find info about BMW new models 2017-2018 model years, inculding BMW 2017 SUVs, like the new X5 and X6 models, 2017 BMW models, like 5-series and 7-series and another new BMW models 2017-2018.

BMW AG (Bavarian motor plant) is a German automobiles, bikes, motorcycles and engines manufacturer.

Company’s slogans are- “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure”.

The company was founded in 1913, originally as an aircraft engines manufacturer.

The main markets are: USA (up to 300,000 pcs/year), Germany (around 280000 pcs), England, Italy, France, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, Spain.

Currently, started with a small aeroengine plant, BMW products in five plants in Germany and twenty-two subsidiaries scattered around the world. This is one of the few car vendors that do not use factories robots. The entire Assembly on the conveyor is manual. Before output computer diagnoses the main parameters of the vehicle.

In the last 30 years only BMW and Toyota concerns are able to work with annually increasing profit. Empire BMW, three times in its history exerted on the verge of collapse, every time rose and reached success. For all in the world, BMW is synonymous with high standards of automobile comfort, safety, technology and quality.

2017 BMW X5
2017 BMW X5 slightly updated: changes and pricing

BMW received a huge boost when they first launched the X5, and while the model has had revisions and upgrades since the first model, it is as popular today as it was when first introduced, mainly thanks to the combination of looks, style, performance and […]

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2017 BMW X3
2017 BMW X3 preview and spy shots

The ‘crossover’ vehicle is gaining popularity year on year; back in 2010, BMW sold just 46,000 models of the X3, in 2013, that figure had risen to nearly 160,000. It seems this is the reasoning behind BMW introducing a new X3, but more than that, […]

2017 BMW X1
2017 BMW X1: a minor update for smallest BMW SUV

The famous German automaker plan to release a new 2017 BMW X1. International presentation of the crossover will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn of 2016. 2017 BMW X1 release date The company reported that the start of sales of the new […]

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2017 BMW 6 concept
2017 BMW 6 – information on future models

The company BMW said that the 2017 BMW 6 vehicles of the new generation of the family 6-series, production of which is scheduled for 2017, will directly compete with the Porsche models. 2017 BMW 6 redesign of the exterior As before, the “six” is offered […]

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2017 BMW 3 Series
2017 BMW 3-Series: Interesting features of the 3-series

The new 2017 BMW 3-Series has recently been unveiled to the public at the Munich motor show. It seems as though the new ‘3’ will be significantly different from the previous model. 2017 BMW 3 Series release date and price It’s expected that the new […]

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2017 BMW i5 will be full electric

Already has passed enough time from the moment when it became clear that the company BMW is preparing a new car i-series. The model would have to be equipped with a hybrid motor, which is installed on 5-series. Now the company has informed that the […]

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2017 BMW X2
2017 BMW X2 coupe-crossover will soon be released

Existing network sources were images and preliminary info about the characteristics of the BMW X2 coupe-crossover: the novelty will be the younger sibling of the X4 and X6 models. 2017 BMW X2 release date Presentation of the 2017 BMW X2 is expected in 2016, and […]

2017 BMW M7 specs
2017 BMW M7: a sedan with supercar dynamics

2017 BMW M7 –6th generation sedan from the Bavarians. The official demonstration of 2017 BMW 7 in a new body took place in June, and its world début took place in autumn on a home for company Frankfurt auto show. As earlier, the new 7-series […]

2017 BMW i3 concept
2017 BMW i3 Electric will outrun Nissan, but will lose to Chevrolet

The German automaker intends to carry out an upgrade of the electric vehicle BMW i3, and next year the model will be able on a single charge to drive the distance in one and a half times more than now. So, the Bavarians will be […]

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2017 BMW i8 redesign video review
2017 BMW i8 500HP hybrid appears in 2017

Hybrid BMW i8 2017, the power unit capacity of which is 362 horsepower, cannot be called the sports car at all desire. And that’s even considering the fact that up to a 60 mph per hour the car accelerates very quickly – in just 4.4 […]

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