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Three generations of the Hyundai Santa Fe
History of the Hyundai Santa Fe models: three generations of success

Hyundai Santa Fe received a lot of criticism at first when it was released. But after it has been extremely popular in America. What are the reasons of its widespread popularity? Let’s try to understand.

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Dodge Ram SRT-10 crazy truck
One of the craziest trucks ever: Dodge Ram SRT-10

Dodge Ram SRT-10 was one of the craziest trucks. It included a powerful engine with a relatively small body size. The production was ceased in 2006. It’s unlikely that we will ever see anything similar in the near future. The reasons are numerous.

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side view of a white car
Nissan GT-R Fastest Tuning Projects

Nissan GT-R 35 is one of those models which have earned its names and have an impressive fan base. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that such a well-known vehicle is often upgraded and modified to break world records. The most interesting upgrades are already in this article.

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history model line of legendary car
Buick Grand National Model History

Buick Grand National is an interesting variant of Buick Regal car. The vehicle has been released in several generations offering quite interesting features. It was one of the firs turbocharged models to be used in America.

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old model of Impala
Impala Model History Since 2000

Chevrolet Impala returned in 2000s having brought new technologies. Starting from this generation the vehicle became closer to the model which we know today.

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evolution of volkswagen bus
Classic VW Buses History

Volkswagen has given a birth to the legendary busses which are known as T1, T2 and T3 vehicles. In fact they have even more names and more differences than you know.

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concept of the muscle car
The Relaunch of Muscle Cars – Who Is Next?

The market of muscle cars, is it going through a stage of rebirth or it’s in deep stagnation? As far as we can judge it has a potential to become as productive as in its golden era. However, there’re too many obstacles on this way.

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two generations of cars compared
The Return of Ford Legends – What Is Next?

Ford is on a revolutionary mission. The company is going to give a new life to the legends of the past. Which will vehicles will return? The latest rumors and speculations are considered.

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old year muscle car
The Brand History Of Ford Torino

Ford Torino has made from rags to riches way having turned from a subseries into a legendary vehicle. It has had different body styles and has sacrificed its design features to NASCAR models.

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concept car of future minivan
Eco-Friendly and Futuristic Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

If you want to have some fun, futuristic technologies and compact size, take a look at new BUDD-e concept which has inherited a lot from the legendary Microbus. This model is a hint that VW type 2 successor is coming.

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cars on parking
Volkswagen Jetta Model History

Volkswagen Jetta used to be a number one European hit sold in America. This is a reliable family vehicle which has been sharing its destiny with VW Golf for a long time. How has it evolved and what it is now? Let’s see.

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premium station wagon
Volvo V60 Model History

V60 looks sleek and stylish, it is more like a premium car, rather than a utility one. However, in the previous times, things were pretty different. The station wagons from Volvo used to be legendary – boxy design with lots of space for passengers and luggage. Let’s find out how this car has evolved since the 1970s.

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high performance single cab pickup
Must Have Modifications For Dodge Ram

Ram trucks are very popular for the aftermarket tuning. There are plenty of details available. Some people prefer simple styling, like custom bumpers and headlights, others prepare trucks for severe off-road conditions by lifting the suspension, or tune engine to get more horsepower.

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silver car on the road
2018 VW Arteon Might Be New Top-End Version of Passat

The new upcoming flagship model of the Volkswagen brand – Arteon – might be positioned not as simple VW CC successor, but also as a replacement for top trims of Volkswagen Passat. At least new Passat (particulary the US version) might get more styling cues from the coupe-shaped Arteon.

different Cadillac models
Cadillac Escalade Model History – The First Caddy SUV

The Cadillac Escalade was the very first and only SUV of the brand back in 1999, when it was firstly come on sale. Since then, the Caddy SUV has transformed few times, get rid of pickup modification, but kept the enlarged version. It is one of the most popular US-made premium SUV on the market.

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two car's comparison
One Try To Compare Ford Bronco With Jeep Wrangler

The future Ford Bronco is rumored to be solid axle serious off-roader, but nevertheless compact – just like Jeep Wrangler. But would it be better than off-road legend? Moreover, Wrangler is also going to update in 2018. Let’s compare both cars and find out which one is better.

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side view of station wagon
Why Passat Wagon Is Unlikely Come To The US

Station wagons are not so popular in the United States market, which might look strange in the past when almost every family had a big wagon based on full-size sedan. Times changed and know SUV is dominating the market. There are some other reasons why Passat wagon is unlikely to come to the US.

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bright yellow pickup truck
US-spec Ranger Confirmed To 2018 Reveal In The US

There is no Ranger since 2012 for the US market. The lack of reliable mid-size pickup truck in the model range leads to Ford bosses decision to bring Ranger back to production. What could we expect from the prodigal son – changes made especially for the North American market.

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