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new mid-size truck spied
Spy Shots Of the New Generation Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is already in progress, the model is being actively tested. The recent leak has shed some light to the new design of the body. We have gathered the most up to date information concerning the engine and specifications of the model.

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future legendary SUV in motion
Cool Features Expected in Next Generation Ford Bronco

New Frod Bronco is coming. It’s a fact. While the vehicle is still in progress there’re already details concerning which features it will have. There’s a plenty of them but you can find the most interesting ones described in this article.

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Why Toyota Venza discontinued
Why Production of Toyota Venza Ceased

Venza from Toyota was quite unique vehicle which is the combination of ordinary station wagon and compact SUV. It has been produced for 7 years with the overseas sales until 2016 but wasn’t as popular as almost any Toyota vehicle to date. Here is a few simple reasons why.

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BMW works with psychologists on self-driving cars
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Self-driving car on road
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Scorpion hoverbike
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The Most Expensive Cars
The World’s Most Expensive Cars

Here is our chart of the most expensive cars when it was released. Sometimes even a top-end Lambo or Ferrari might feel cheap.

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flying car
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the weirdest car
Top 6 The Weirdest Cars

Just as in life, there is a whole world out there of weird and whacky cars. Being truthful, selecting just a handful is difficult; there are thousands. Here is our Top-6 chart of the weirdest cars ever.

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Faraday Future FF 91
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Chevy Batmobile LEGO
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International Motorcycle Show 2017
International Motorcycle Show 2017 and Its Start

International Motorcycle Show 2017 which was recently held in NYC has show a lot of interesting bikes. Read through their list in our article.

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2017 North American International Auto show
2017 North American International Auto Show – All The NAIAS 2017 Debuts

NAIAS 2017 has shown a lot interesting and cutting edge models. Some of them will blow your mind while others are rather classical.

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Toyota Concept i
Toyota Concept-i Road Version In Details

Toyota Concept-i is ready to provide news. It has unveiled some of the features which make this Concept an exclusive model.

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Mercedes-Benz S600 Royale
Mercedes-Benz S600 Royale Mystery Discovered

Mercedes Royale 600 is an unexpected car which was revealed in 2015. Some people think that it comes from China while others say that it belongs to Arabians. Who’s right?

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Jeep Hurricane concept
Jeep Hurricane Concept Will Never Be A Production

Jeep Hurricane was a potentially succesful car which has gained a lot of recognition. So why it will never be released? The answer is in this article.

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Toyota commercial girl
A Girl from Toyota Commercials – Facts You Didn’t Know

Toyota girl Jan from the famous commercials has been on the screen for a decade. Here’s something you didn’t know about her.

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Apple self driving car
Recent Rumors and Leaks About Apple Self Driving Car

Apple self driving car is a mystery which has been living for years. Some people say that it’s just lies while others are convinced that such a car does exist.

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Subaru Viziv 7 concept
Subaru Viziv-7 Concept May Be The Future Tribeca Successor

Subaru Viziv-7 Concept is a new mid-size crossover by Subaru. This model is going to make competition in the segment harder due to its spacious cabin and pretty design.

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Seattle Auto Show 2016
Seattle Car Show 2016 Review

Seattle Car Show 2016 has showed most interesting and exotic cars. Visitors could test and see models from Chevy to Maserati. There was some heavy artillery as well.

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