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Next Volvo Cars Will Get Autopilot by 2020

Volvo has ambitious plan to have released the first fully autonomous car by 2020. According to the promises of the company they are serious about and some of the results will be shown this year.

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New Model Line of Volvo Features New Scalable Platform

Volvo company was reborn thanks to the money of Chinese investors. And those money wasn’t wasted at all – Swedish engineers developed two scalable platforms which would be the base of all Volvo models in the future, including SUVs and compact cars. The company is also aimed at electric cars market.

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Tesla P100D battery pack
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The Most Unusual Car Engines
The Most Unusual Car Engines

Gasoline, Diesel, Rotary (Wankel), Steam, Rocket, Turbine, Radial and Electric … these have all been used on production vehicles as a source of power, configurations have been single cylinder, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, inline, V & W but for the ‘teenies’, we really have only three choices in the mainstream; gas, diesel and electric. But what are some of the more unusual engines?

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supercharger mockup
How Does a Supercharger Work and Its Functions

Do you want to know how to increase the power and torque of your engine? Read about a supercharger which is used exactly for these purposes.

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Connected Cars
Connected Cars Is Our Nearest Future

Connected cars are potentially the future of car industry. They have potential to make your ride safe and pleasant with numerous technologial devices.

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Inside LeMans prototype
Inside a Le Mans Prototype

Inside a Le Mans Prototype is a feeling which not many of us know. What surrounds a driver when on track and what feeling it gives? This is what we have tried to learn.

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Self driving car dilemma
Self Driving Car Dilemma: to Kill or Not to Kill

Self driving car dilemma is how safe is it to trust your life to a robot? There are a lot of aspects which driverless vehicles need to learn beforing setting for a journey.

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Things you shouldn't do with turbocharged cars
Things You Shouldn’t Forget While Driving Turbocharged Cars

Things you shouldn’t do with turbocharged cars are important to know since they will help you to save your engine and make it last longer. Our list of tips is already here for you.

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Chevrolet Colorado ZH2
Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 – The First US Military Fuel Cell Truck

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is the result of collaboration between U.S. Army and GM. The car uses fuel cells which make this vehicle a valuable unit for the armed forces.

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Hydrogen cars
Main Principles of Hydrogen Powered Cars Functioning

Hydrogen cars use technologies with different type of fuel. Such approach is rather controversial. Some companies see as a future of car industury while others say it is a waste of money.

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Google Driverless Car And Its Technology
Google Autonomous Car And Its Future

Google driverless car is described in details. Principles of its work along with its future plans are in this article.

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Driverless cars
Self-Driving Car, Driverless Cars Are the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless cars in details. What technologies used and what perspectives this branch has. More information in this article.

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Why Autonomous Cars Could Put Away Traffic Jams
Why Robotic Cars Could Put Away Traffic Jams In Future

Why autonomous cars could put away traffic jams? Simply because of their robotic nature. If autonomous cars were introduced to our life, we would experience fewer problems on the road.

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Facts about 10-speed automatics
Facts About 10-speed Automatics

Facts about 10-speed automatics tell more about result of collaboration between General Motors and Ford. The gearbox has a range of advantages with some insignificant flaws.

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Variable Intake Manifold Technology
How Does Variable Intake Manifold Technology Work?

Variable intake manifold technology in details. Learn more about how this system works and which advantages it provides for you vehicle.

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what really gasoline consist of
What Really Gasoline Consists Of

What really gasoline consists of is the answer any driver should know. What you need to know as well is that the life of gasoline is giong to stop in the near future.

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audi plans to develop electric dampers
Audi Plans to Develop Electric Dampers Charging from Bumps

Audi electric dampers are going to be a revolutionary decision. Their use makes it possible to save more energy while your drive will become much better.

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gm uses glue in car production
GM Using Glue in New Cars Production

GM using glue in new cars production is not a secret anymore. In fact, it has never been risky or dangerous more than using screws. All the details of this approach in this article.

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variable compression ratio engine
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