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Driverless cars
Self-Driving Car, Driverless Cars Are the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless cars in details. What technologies used and what perspectives this branch has. More information in this article.

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Why Autonomous Cars Could Put Away Traffic Jams
Why Autonomous Cars Could Put away Traffic Jams

Why autonomous cars could put away traffic jams? Simply because of their robotic nature. If autonomous cars were introduced to our life, we would experience fewer problems on the road.

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Facts about 10-speed automatics
Facts About 10-speed Automatics

Facts about 10-speed automatics tell more about result of collaboration between General Motors and Ford. The gearbox has a range of advantages with some insignificant flaws.

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Variable Intake Manifold Technology
Variable Intake Manifold Technology

Variable intake manifold technology in details. Learn more about how this system works and which advantages it provides for you vehicle.

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what really gasoline consist of
What Really Gasoline Consists Of

What really gasoline consists of is the answer any driver should know. What you need to know as well is that the life of gasoline is giong to stop in the near future.

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audi plans to develop electric dampers
Audi Plans to Develop Electric Dampers Charging from Bumps

Audi electric dampers are going to be a revolutionary decision. Their use makes it possible to save more energy while your drive will become much better.

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gm uses glue in car production
GM Using Glue in New Cars Production

GM using glue in new cars production is not a secret anymore. In fact, it has never been risky or dangerous more than using screws. All the details of this approach in this article.

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variable compression ratio engine
Nissan developed innovative engine with variable compression ratio

For younger models of the Infiniti premium brand, for Q30 and QX30 to be exact, the company purchase a 2.0-liter petrol engines from Daimler, but soon they will be replaced by its own design unit. The new engine will receive the world’s first system of […]

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3d printed shelby cobra
Shelby Cobra replica 3D printed by US energy department

3D printed UV by U.S. Energy Dept Could power a home. The new model is a replica of Shelby Cobra with high level of energy efficiency.

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gm patents two stage turbo
GM Patents Two-Stage Turbo Technology

GM two-stage turbo technology is made to improve the overall performance of a car and decrease the level of lag. How is it achieved? Read along.

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