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How to made essential car checks or make a small repair of your car.

car layout types
Car layout types

Car enthusiast, choosing any brand of car, first of all estimates its functional characteristics and opportunities, components and assemblies design, engine size and other options. But initially he must decide which drive layout to choose? The following types of drive layouts include: 1. Rear wheel […]

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hybrid car types
Hybrid car types

Hybrid engine – is a system of electric and gasoline engines. During operation, both gasoline and electric, could work together or separately. This process controls the powerful computer that choose what engine or its combination has to work at the moment. Thus, when you travel […]

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car luggage net
Car luggage net: Do you need it?

The net in the trunk of a vehicle intended for locking in place various kinds of tools and devices (for example, a jack, a portable illumination mobile compressor, and so forth), as well as for fixing the transported items. This product should be in the […]

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car body types
Car body types

In just a few decades, the automotive industry has made a significant breakthrough in the field of technical equipment of cars and design. Particularly well developed and large-scale work among car manufacturers in the exterior design and structural differences between cars. Not little attention is […]

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electronic systems of modern cars
Types of electronic systems on modern cars

This article focuses on the electronic components of cars, what they are and how they work. ABS ABS – Anti-lock braking system. This system prevents the wheels from locking under heavy braking or when braking on a slippery road. The control unit repeatedly presses and […]

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how to change tire
How to change a tire

Most car owners will sooner or later face the problem of replacing the punctured wheel on the road. Technically perfect car – the key to safety on the road and the wheel punched in the movement can lead to unpredictable consequences and even accidents. In […]

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how to check used car
How to check a second-hand car before buying

If you are thinking about buying a car on the second-hand market, make sure you read this article and take into service offered tips for buying a used car. If you still have doubts to buy your car new or used, let’s discuss the benefits […]

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what is automatic transmission
What is automatic transmission

Speaking textbook, the automatic transmission or automatic gearbox – a kind of transmission, which provides automatic (in other words, without the intervention of the driver) selection of the gear ratio corresponding to the prevailing traffic conditions. The main difference between “automatic” from the manual transmission […]

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What is modern diesel engine
What is modern diesel engine

Due to the high efficiency of the diesel engine is widely used on trucks. However, most cars have diesel engines in engine lineup. In Europe, diesel is gradually replacing gasoline engines, for example, over 50% of new cars have a diesel engine there. In passenger […]

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what fuel should use
What fuel to use in car?

It seems to be the simple question to ask, but sometimes it is difficult to understand what all these words and numbers mean. Most gas stations in the US offers at least 3 types of gas: Regular, Middle and Premium. The other things may help […]

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