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Configurations of the 2017 Cadillac Escalade
Trim levels with prices of the 2017 Cadillac Escalade

The leader of the GM luxury vehicles Cadillac Escalade 2017 Model Year offers to the buyers a lot of trim levels with different options. Let’s see the differences between the Base Trim, the Luxury Trim, the Premium Luxury Trim and the Platinum Trim with the prices.

Safety test of the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe
Is Hyundai Santa Fe a safe choice for your family?

Which car is the safest? Among the many variants you need to take a look at Santa Fe. The vehicle has through serious tests in U.S. and Europe. The results were amazing. This car has proven itself to be almost perfect however some aspects could be improved.

Volvo V60 VS BMW 3-Series comparison
Station wagons competition: Volvo V60 or BMW 3-Series Estate?

Station wagons are not very popular on the market of U.S. Still you can choose between Volvo’s V60 and BMW’s 3series estate. Surprisingly, they both are quite different and have different goals. There’re serious reasons to buy one of these cars.

Chevrolet Impala VS Ford Taurus comparison
The Best Full Size Sedan: Chevy Impala Or Ford Taurus?

The market of full size sedans is a competitive place. Sometimes it feels like many of the models are almost identical just like Chevrolet Impala and Ford Taurus. These vehicles have a lot of things in common buy there’s something different between them too.

Volkswagen Jetta VS Toyota Corolla comparison
What Is The Best Compact Car for Family? Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corolla comparison

There’s a plenty of family cars which will save your money. If you want one of them, it’s worth thinking about Volkswagen Jetta or Toyota Corolla. However, which vehicle is better? Since they both are of a similar type, does it relay matter what to buy? Yes, it does.

gunmetal grey SUV on field
The Review of Ford Explorer – The Big and Powerful

The new Explorer feels and goes way better than before – thanks to a powerful engines fitted, especially turbocharged V6 in the top version. Ford’s engineers fixed many inconvenient things to become the SUV better in almost every aspect.

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side view of a red crossover
Review Of Updated Honda CR-V – The Perfect Recipe

The new CR-V looks and feels just stunning. The design becomes more aggressive (but not too much), the interior features new level of quality. In addition to this, new 1.5 engine provide great performance in combination with fuel efficiency.

black affordable SUV in motion
Review of New RAV4 – No More Boredom

The Toyota RAV4 from the very beginning considered as a boring car for housewives or elder people. Toyota tried to make it looks more youth-oriented, but it is still like the good old Toyota when you get to the test drive.

minivan with a tent
Best Cars For Modern Hippies

Which vehicle is the best bet, if you want to go a hippy path? There’s quite a lot to choose from. A lot of vans have even become legendary symbolizing the era of hippies. In this article you’ll learn which camper is the best variant for you, if you want to travel.

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two golf-class models compared
Jetta vs Golf – What to Choose?

Now that new generations of VW Jetta and Golf are revealed it’s easy to compare which model is better. Even though these vehicles are quite similar, there’re still a few differences to be taken into consideration.

two supercars compared
Nissan GT-R vs Acura NSX – Technology or Brute Force?

Nissan GT-R has already beaten a lot of competitors. One of its latest rivals is known as Acura NSX. Even though this vehicle looks quite promising, does it have any chances in this battle?

special editions of extreme SUV
Toyota FJ Cruiser Special Editions

Even though Toyota FJ Cruiser has a set of interesting features which are good enough for off-road experience, there’re some Editions which provide even better characteristics. Here they are.

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dark red full-size sedan
New Equipment of 2018 Model Year Chevy Impala

New generation of Chevrolet Impala is offering a big variety of standard features and has new exterior colors. Unfortunately, some of the well-know components will not be included in 2018 variant.

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pickups comparison
Comparison of The 2017 Ram Rebel vs Ford Raptor

Modern pickup truck has lots of special edition vehicles, and one of them are much more ‘special’ than others. This is specially designed for off-road, tough, tuned versions of the popular mid-size and full-size trucks. Just like Ram Rebel and Ford F-150 Raptor which we have tried to compare.

two suvs comparison
Escalade vs Yukon Comparison Will Show Who Is Better

Sometimes we ask the question – what is better – to buy a lower class car, but with higher trim, or to buy a higher class car with entry level of equipment? The things get even worse if we compare very similar cars – what if we bring GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade and try to decide which one is the best for the price?

white crossover on road
Trim Levels Of Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2017 model year Santa Fe, meaning its non-sport three-row family-oriented model, has four trim levels to choose, which is varied not only by equipment installed or upholstery materials but also by drive layout. What is the best value for money and what perks are necessary?

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pickups comparison
Bitter Enemies Comparison – Dodge Ram vs Ford F-150

The epic comparison between two everlasting rivals – old-fashioned brutal Ram truck from Fiat-Chrysler, and best-selling F-150 from Ford. Which one is better and what are the difference between two competitors of the hot full-size trucks market?

two crossovers compared
Toyota Venza vs Honda Crosstour – Same Aim but Different Recipe

Two very similar in the concept, but different in details – those are Toyota Venza and Honda Crosstour. Both created on the basis of family sedans (Camry and Accord respectively), both designed to be something in between standard station wagon and a bulky SUV. And finally both wasn’t so popular in the market.

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cars comparison
Two Brothers Comparison – Hyundai Santa Fe vs. KIA Sorento

Hyundai and Kia are the same company only under different brands. They cars even assembly on the same plants – that is why they are so similar though different, but only in marketing. Sorento and Santa Fe even costs nearly the same money, so what SUV to choose then? The answer is not that simple.

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grey car on the road
Common Tech Issues With Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza discontinued a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, some people still wants it to purchase, now as a second-hand car only. Let’s find out is there any difficulties or pitfalls possible while operation of Venza with detailed description of possible faults.

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