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2019 Dodge Durango Expect A Few Changes

The Dodge Durango has been around since 1998, the first two generations were similar but the third (and current generation) went through quite a few changes. The next Durango to be launched will undergo minor changes, and is being listed as a 2018/9 model, so […]

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2018 Dodge Demon
2018 Dodge Demon Is A New Ultimate Challenger Modification

Dodge has been teasing the army of fans with video trailers of a new vehicle. Nothing new there? Well, this new vehicle is said to be called the Demon, a name first used by Dodge all the way back in 1971, they brought the name […]

2019 Dodge Charger
2019 Dodge Charger Could Be A New Model On Alfa Platform

The Charger name dates all the way back to traditional American muscle cars; loud V8 up front, rear wheel drive, long hood, soggy suspension and tires that could only be described as ‘ditch finders’. Dodge reintroduced the Charger name to their line up back in […]

2019 Dodge Ram
2019 Dodge Ram Rumors and Speculations

2019 Dodge Ram has leaked enough pictures to judge about its appearance and specs. The question is when the truck will arrive to the market? Some rumors say that you can expect it in 2018 while others say about 2020 date.

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2018 Dodge Journey
2018 Dodge Journey unlikely to receive updated platform

Recently, Dodge announced that the Journey would be with us for another couple of years before either being replaced or significantly upgraded, until then, Dodge are limiting us to minor updates on the existing Journey. There isn’t that much confirmed truth regarding the new Dodge […]

2018 dodge viper
2018 Dodge Viper faith is unclear

The Dodge Viper has always been looked upon as being a bit … retro. Not because it’s full of old tech, but just the fact it uses a gigantic truck engine, creates huge power and has never really had much thought go in to it […]

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Dodge Wants To Make Challenger Hellcat All-Wheel Drive

Dodge wants to make Challenger Hellcat all-wheel drive. Even though there are no official claims, such a possibility is really high. Here is why.

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2018 dodge barracuda
A new rumors of 2018 Dodge Barracuda appeared

People really love the names from the past, even if they belong to dead brands like Plymouth. Interestingly, the most popular rumors are connected to modern muscle cars. So, will FCA resurrect previously famous name, now under the Dodge brand? Let’s find out. 2018 Dodge Barracuda release […]

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2017 Dodge Ram Rebel
2017 Dodge Ram Rebel truck is a big American pickup made for Americans

2017 Dodge RAM Rebel is a name that is synonymous with America and American pickups; large cabin, large trunk and large wheels. So popular is the pickup, that there will now be an off-road version available – the 1500 Rebel. 2017 Dodge Ram release date […]

2018 dodge durango
2018 Dodge Durango could get turbo V6 instead of Hemi

Durango – this is a popular full-size SUV from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The company rarely updates its model. The last time Durango underwent facelift in 2014, and the current-generation model debuted only at the end of 2010. The car uses the same platform as the Jeep […]

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