Here you could find info about Ford 2017 models, new Fords for 2017 and 2018 model years, such as future Range and Bronco models, 2017 Ford Mustang and Fusion models, etc.

In the list of the largest public companies, according to Forbes magazine, Ford Motor Company takes the 4th place in the industry, behind the three leaders of the German companies of the Volkswagen Group and Daimler (1st and 3rd place) and the Japanese Toyota Motor.

Ford Motor is one of the largest companies in the world, managed by the same family – the Ford owns about 40% of the shares. The company’s securities, which are freely available, are traded on the new York stock exchange (NYSE). The value of one share is about 2$ (April 2013).

Competitive costs, high quality and benefit to society – these are the basic principles of company management, bequeathed by Henry Ford, and his descendant still follows the formula of success great-grandfather.

The company boasts not only high-speed characteristics of their vehicles, but their sales. In 2012 analytical Agency JATO Dynamics called the Ford Fiesta second best selling car in Europe

However, its mission Ford Motor sees not only earn big profits from sales.

The company is focused on creating a strong business, producing products that improves the world. Its pathetic statement Ford Motor reinforces concrete cases. The company has been active in the field of environmental protection, in the field of environmentally friendly technologies can be considered a true pioneer.

2018 ford taurus
2018 Ford Taurus – old body, new engines

Proudly loved by US law enforcement, the current generation Taurus debuted a six years ago, and certainly needs an update. However, its wide government usage set limitations on a complete update. So, 2018 Ford Taurus is likely to receive only a minor facelift. As for the […]

v8 powered mustang become bestseller in europe
V8 Powered Mustang Became a Bestseller in Europe

V8 powered Mustang became a bestseller in Europe. This is true and there are a lot of obvious reasons for this aspect. Let’s learn more about them.

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2018 Ford Focus
New Ford Focus 2018 will get stretched platform

Focus is one of the most successful models of the Ford corporation. It is sold in almost all countries of the world and is manufactured in several factories around the globe. 2018 Ford Focus is expected to be significantly modified. This will be the fourth […]

ford gt heritage edition
Ford GT will get Heritage edition

Ford is going to make a present for its fans. Heritage Eddition is a replica of legendary 1966 model which will bring you back to Le Mans competition.

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2018 Shelby GT500
2018 Shelby GT500 might get twin-turbo V8

We all know Shelby as a producer of special versions of the Mustang – the most powerful and fast, since the days of the first generation in the mid-60s. As for the latest generation of Ford Mustang, which appeared in 2015, Shelby has not fully […]

2018 Ford Mustang
2018 Ford Mustang will get new transmission

The new generation Mustang was released in 2015, and it is now available with restyled body and turbocharged engine, all as standard. The design is still fresh, but the 2018 Ford Mustang will be much better. Upgrades and restyling will be throughout the whole of […]

2017 ford kuga
2017 Ford Kuga – european version of Escape

2017 Ford Kuga – is just a European version of highly popular crossover SUV in USA – the Escape. However, as always, this version has some changes. The main competitors of Kuga in this segment will be updated Mitsubishi ASX (Outlander Sport), Hyundai Tucson and […]

2017 ford torino
2017 Ford Gran Torino – return of the legend

There are lots of rumors on the internet regarding a new 2017 Ford Torino; it will be the successor to the legendary muscle car of the late 60’s and early 70’s. While nothing has been officially confirmed, sources say that Ford need a model to […]

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2017 Ford Ranchero
2017 Ford Ranchero: the return of true sport utility

Nowadays there is a tendency among people who like to have something very special – in terms of everything, including cars. They do not need ordinary family cars, sedans, SUVs or coupes. They need something very special and moreover – niche product. Something only a […]

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2017 Ford Transit
2017 Ford Transit: powerful but economic van

Ford Transit for decades has been one of the most popular commercial vehicles throughout the world. This model is mainly offered in the European market, and only recently became available in the United States, displacing in the conveyor bulkier frame vans. The latest generation made its […]

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