Here you could find out information regarding upcoming 2017 Honda lineup, all new Honda cars, and models, which release date are in 2017-2018.

Honda Motor Co. works based on the principles of “Individuality respect, and “Three Joys” – expressed as the Joy of Buying, the Joy of Selling and the Joy of Creation.

The history of Honda with facts

The company became a global motorcycle vendor and one of the leaders of car manufacturing. Throughout its history, Honda is trying to make dreams come true. Its mission is to expand the boundaries of technological capabilities. “Research and development are the driving force behind Honda and revolutionary innovation is our motto. In the spirit of the founder of the Corporation Soichiro Honda we strive to earn the trust and enthusiasm of consumers of our products, being the leaders in the revolutionary innovation, realizing the power of dreams through the personality, skill and energy.” Honda President, Isihara Yamamoto.

2017 Honda models include Civic lineup, Accord lineup, and different SUVs – HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot. It also has Odyssey minivan, Ridgeline pickup, etc.

When do 2017 Hondas come out? You may find it while browsing this very category.

new blue roadster
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2018 Honda Civic hatchback
New Honda Civic Hatchback 2018 Has Come to Dealerships

The new Civic hatchback has less in common with the previous generations of Japanese best-selling cars, features youth-oriented sporty look and high output turbocharged engines.

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2018 Honda Goldwing
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2018 Honda Crosstour
Is There Any Clue Of Honda Crosstour Come Back In 2018?

Honda Crosstour was discontinued in 2015. Could it come back to America? The answer could come from overseas.

Honda HR-V
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side view of a red crossover
Review Of Updated Honda CR-V – The Perfect Recipe

The new CR-V looks and feels just stunning. The design becomes more aggressive (but not too much), the interior features new level of quality. In addition to this, new 1.5 engine provide great performance in combination with fuel efficiency.

2018 Honda Civic Type R
2017 Honda Clarity
2017 Honda CBR600RR
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2017 Honda Grom
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Honda Odyssey recall
Recall Of The 2011-2016 Model Year Honda Odyssey

A big number of Honda Odysseys 2016 has been recalled. The minivans have a problem with their seats which may hurt you in case of a car accident.

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2019 Honda Accord
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2018 Honda Ridgeline
2018 Honda Fit
2017 Honda Crosstour release date
What Happened To The 2017 Honda Crosstour?

Crosstour wasn’t a successful Honda vehicle by any means. However, the combination of premium trimmed station wagon and a sport utility vehicle still feels perspective for many car producers, including Honda. That is why we could expect the relaunch of Crosstour.

black crossover
honda patented 11 speed transmission
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2018 Honda Odyssey
2018 Honda Accord
silver SUV in motion
Does Honda Have the Engine Choices Wrong for the 2018 Honda CR-V?

The most popular crossover SUV from Honda – CR-V – has recently received a full generation change. Does it mean that we won’t see any changes to the 2018 model year car? Let’s see whether it would stay unchanged or it would be errors correction work.

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