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toyota recall rav4
Toyota recalls RAV4 and 2 Lexus models 2016 model year

In the Toyota RAV4 and Lexus RX 350 crossovers, as well as sedans Lexus ES 350 is found defective brake actuator in charge of the work of active safety systems. Fault can lead to incorrect operation of these systems, the loss of control of the […]

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callaway corvette aerowagon
Callaway transform Corvette into wagon

The world knows different tuner modifications of Chevrolet Corvette, some of those are quite extreme. But one of the most unusual option is not impressive power but exterior. Callaway Cars company hit upon the idea to transform the Corvette coupe into a… sportswagon. The company […]

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2017 lincoln continental turn popular
2017 Lincoln Continental turn out to be popular

The new 2017 Lincoln Continental full-size sedan has all chances to become a bestseller. It turns out that already the tens of thousands potential customers are wishing to purchase new product. The days when Lincoln were annually sold in over 200,000 copies, were a quarter […]

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ford velociraptor
Two unique Fords will be sold on charity auction

Barrett-Jackson Auction which will be held in 8-10 April, defines the new owner of the last generation Ford GT supercar. It would seem that this car is not a rare it all, but this time it is a very special GT. The first reason why the copy of […]

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new porsche panamera images
New Porsche Panamera images leaked

Again, a prototype of the new Panamera? Yes, but this time by the effort of Photospies hosted virtual debut of two sports cars – the basic and the top-end version with powerful supercharged engine. Let’s look at the new Porsche Panamera images In all its […]

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toyota corolla 50th anniversary
Toyota released 50th anniversary version of Corolla

This year, the Toyota Corolla is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary. On the occasion of this North American division of the Japanese company has released a limited edition cars in 50th Anniversary trim level. Toyota names Corolla the most mass-producted car in the world, but it […]

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tesla model 3
Tesla Model 3 is a pre-order bestseller

Tesla Motors, as promised, released images of the prototype of a new 2017 Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. Technical details are minimum, but that did not stop more than one hundred thousand customers worldwide for pre-order of the sensational car. The silver color a la molten […]

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toyota will close scion brand
Toyota will get rid of Scion brand

In the foreseeable future, it will be the end the existence of another car company. At this time point will be placed in the history of Scion brand, designed specifically for the North American market by Toyota. Not all Toyota models are gaining popularity, and […]

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gm 10 speed automatic
GM plan to make 10-speed gearbox widely used

The American GM group has decided not to limit the introduction of 10-speed automatic to niche cars. Within two years, all key models  of General Motors with the longitudinal arrangement of the power unit will be equipped with the new automatic transmission. Increasing the number of gears in automatic transmissions – […]

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new cadillac suv
Cadillac is planning to release new SUVs

After about two and a half years, the American premium brand will begin selling full-size SUV with three-row cabin. As the company will be able to make the car in a short time? The answer is at the head of Cadillac Johan de Nayssen. With […]

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