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KIA Motors Corp., one of the oldest South Korean companies, was founded in 1944 from a small workshop on repair of the rental on the outskirts of Seoul. In 1952 the company was issued the first Korean bike, five years later, the first scooter. In the fall of 1961 was established Assembly production motorcycles.

1973 saw the release of the first Korean gasoline engine and installation of the Assembly complex for passenger cars.

In the 80 years KIA was going through hard times. However, thanks to the right strategy leadership, the company managed not only to survive, but in the 90’s to enter the European market and join the ranks of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

In 2000 KIA model line has been changed – new cars Visto, Rio and Magentis, bringing the total number of models (families) to 13. The company made a bid for the Magentis sedan, the optimal ratio of price and quality, premiered at the Paris motor show in 2001. Rio is actually the similar Hyundai Accent.

Now the Corporation, since 1999 member of the group Hyundai-Kia has 16 production and Assembly facilities in 13 countries with a total staff of over 30 thousand people. Distribution network of KIA Motors covers more than 3,300 dealers in 155 countries. Today, KIA is one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the world.

2018 Kia Stinger
2018 KIA Stinger Is The New KIA Flagship Car

Kia have recently unveiled their plan for world domination. It involves their most anticipated (and sporty) model ever produced by them, the Kia Stinger. Whether it can truly take on the competition from the likes of Cadillac, Audi and BMW remains to be seen, but […]

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New 2017 KIA Stinger Revealed Based On GT Concept

The premiere of the new series Kia model called the Stinger was held at the Detroit Auto Show. The car is a rear-wheel drive sedan-like liftback, partially based on the Kia GT concept car shown in 2011. The car was designed by Albert Biermann, who […]

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2017 KIA Soul EV
2017 KIA Soul EV – affordable eco-friendly car

The 2017 KIA Soul EV was introduced as part of KIA’s effort to comply with existing and forthcoming legislation regarding manufacturing and emissions for vehicles. It competes with other EV’s such as the Nissan Leaf, VW e-Golf and Ford Focus EV in as much that […]

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2018 KIA Sorento
2018 KIA Sorento expected new design and features

The KIA Sorento has been a popular model in the U.S., selling well since its first days back in 2002. As the generations have rolled by, this mid-size crossover has got better looking; from the very first boxy truck like vehicle to the latest, styled […]

2017 kia rio
2017 Kia Rio will get only cosmetic changes

On the North American market, Kia Rio emerged in 2001. Сompact-class car as the sedan and hatchback is popular due to its reliability and reasonable price. The company is preparing a small modernization of the 2017 Kia Rio. Targeted improvements touched the body, interior, and chassis. […]

2017 Kia Sedona
2017 Kia Sedona: ultimate family minivan with price and configurations

The new minivan was a breakthrough in its class; modern, hi-tech and stylish – there was no need for compromise here – large families or people wanting to travel no longer had to choose between form and function – the Sedona has it all. 2017 […]

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2017 kia cadenza
2017 Kia Cadenza: affordable premium

Initially, in the autumn of 2015 in South Korea business sedan 2017 Kia Cadenza was presented under the name K7. The world premiere of 2nd generation Kia Cadenza took place at the New York Auto Show in 2016. Cadenza sedans in the Kia model lineup occupies […]

2017 Kia Soul
2017 Kia Soul will get improved body design

The Korean manufacturer Kia are in the process of finalizing their updated crossover, the Soul, and are now openly testing the new version on public roads; spy shots of the vehicle have been released on the internet. 2017 Kia Soul release date The Kia Soul […]

2017 Kia Optima
2017 Kia Optima received an update, new hybrid version

Mid-size sedan 2017 Kia Optima was demonstrated by manufacturer at the recent New York Auto Show. Introduced new Kia Optima get the enlarged size, adjusted appearance and modernized technical component, which allowed the company to identify its new product as a “personification of all the progress […]

2017 Kia Sorento
2017 Kia Sorento: affordable and spacious

Crossover from KIA new generation was introduced to the public at the company’s home country of South Korea in August 2015. But in the world of the buyer that the car decided to find a way through the auto show in Paris. Above the new image of […]

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