Here you could find all available information regarding the future 2017-2018 Porsche cars, including its release date, specs and possible price.

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo
2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo – First Wagon From Porsche

When Porsche first launched the Panamera, it was either met with derision or love – it really was one of those cars that you loved, or … maybe hated is the wrong word, but it certainly wasn’t loved. It was a bold move by Porsche […]

2017 Porsche 911 RSR
Porsche 911 RSR Is Coming To The Track

Porsche 911 RSR is made exclusively for racing purposes. The model has improved aerodynamics and more powerful engine along with some new electronics.

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2018 Porsche Macan
2018 Porsche Macan Takes Slow Evolution Path

The Porsche Macan is one of the most popular SUV / Crossover vehicles, certainly within a certain price bracket; it has the looks, the power, comfort and agility; it really is a great auto, we love it. As with all things Porsche, there are a […]

2017 Porsche Boxster
Updated 2017 Porsche Boxster 718 Get a Significant Update

With the new 2017 redesign, Porsche have also chosen to include the “718” nomenclature, so we now have the 2017 Porsche Boxster 718 and of course the Boxster S. Porsche haven’t completely redesigned the Boxster, but it is significantly updated. 2017 Porsche Boxster Release date […]

2017 Porsche Macan
2017 Porsche Macan get new colors

The 2017 Porsche Macan has been described as a ‘hotrod crossover’ (the Macan S) and is based on the Audi Q5, but it lacks certain things when compared to the equivalent BMW, Range Rover and the aforementioned Q5. Having said that, it looks stunning, goes […]

2018 Porsche Panamera
2018 Porsche Panamera lose weight, get a new hybrid

The 2018 Porsche Panamera will get a new modifications. The Porsche Panamera was the first 4-door sedan ever produced by Porsche, and it started life back in 2009 as a way for Porsche to open up their market and attract new customers, thus sustaining further […]

top 10 greatest mid-engine porsches
Top 10 Greatest Mid-Engine Porsches

Top 10 greatest mid-engine Porsches is the list of the cars which have lead the company to its success. The most outstanding and craziest autos are here.

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2018 Porsche 911: new generation brings hybrid, new engines

The German company Porsche started to develop a new generation of their iconic 911 sportscar. It will receive a hybrid power system, brand new exterior and interior, and innovative turbocharged gasoline engines. 2018 Porsche 911 release date The presentation of the whole new generation car […]

2018 Porsche Cayenne
2018 Porsche Cayenne will be totally redesigned

Following the renewed Panamera, will yield a new generation 2018 Porsche Cayenne, based on lightweight modular MLB Evo platform. We should expect minor changes in appearance, as well as a completely new interior. Engines will likely remain the same, V6 and V8 both turbocharged and […]

2017 Porsche Cayenne Coupe combines the best

Company Porsche plans to expand the range Cayenne. In particular, it is a modification of the so-called crossover-coupe rival BMW X6 and a production version of the Mercedes-Benz Coupe SUV. However, the novelty will appear only after the release of the new generation Cayenne Photo-spies […]

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