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Some facts about the history of Suzuki

Suzuki Company appeared in 1909 in a little Japanese village of Hamamatsu. Founded a local entrepreneur Michio Suzuki. Initially, this company was engaged in production of textile-machines. Suzuki wanted to expand his business, after studying consumer demand, he decided to develop small cars. Recently released there Austin 7 was delivered from England, which the designers Suzuki carefully studied. A year later the company was ready upgraded version of English cars. They collected the model had a four-cylinder engine with water cooling, which gave 13 HP, which was quite a lot for car 30-ies.

The largest shares of this family company is now owned by the government of Japan and is 23 %. Themself Suzuki owns only 17 % shares.

The main products of the vendor today are compact and subcompact cars. Plus motorcycles, outboard marine engines, power products and even such products as electric drive wheelchairs. Suzuki vehicles are produced all round the world; Suzuki holds 11th world place by the total number of production and 5th Japan place (with production capacity of around 900000 vehicles a year). Suzuki Motorcycles sold a number of about 2000000 annual.

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