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The history of Vauxhall with facts

The firm was founded by Alexander Wilson in London quarter Vauxhall bridge on the Thames river in 1857. It was organized for the production of steam engines of vessels and tugs for the Thames. As the emblem of his company Wilson took the image of a Griffon from the emblem of  Fulk Le Brant.
During the 30 years after World War II, Vauxhall has released family cars, including the successful model of the Victor.
In 60’s began the process of optimizing production. Design of Vauxhall cars and the German branch of the General Motors Opel became similar. The first time the British firm was allowed to create external differences on the new models, but in the 80’s Vauxhall cars were almost twins with Opel models.
In the early 90’s Vauxhall and Opel have bonded even more. British cars with a Griffon on the emblem was in all respects better and better. The firm Cosworth helped to create in the 80’s the first cylinder head with two camshafts and four valves per cylinder, General Motors developed the all-wheel drive, the sedan model Calibra. Vauxhall Carlton/Opel Omega was so good that a wonderful sedan Lotus, developed a maximum speed of 273 km/H was based on it.

In the 90s, the European division of General Motors Europe challenged Ford-Europe, occupying a leading position in several market sectors.
In the new century British Vauxhall came with new models.
Today, modern Assembly Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port can produce more than 180,000 cars and vans per year, including Astra, 5-door hatchback, with the hatch, the Astra Sports Tourer and AstraVan. The production of GM model Vivaro in Luton, as well as derivatives for Renault and Nissan, is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the UK.

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