Shock content: Challenger Hellcat beaten by Golf


Do you know the most powerful muscle car on the market? It is obviously a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, with its unbelievably powerful supercharged V8, producing 707 HP. Those muscles could easily beat almost anything with four wheels, isn’t it? Nah, it is found out Challenger is not so fast as it might be.

In a drag strip, Challenger loses not only to AWD Nissan GTR, but also to VW Golf! How can it be? It’s easy – VW car could be heavily modified. In this shocking video, there is a HGP tuned twin-turbocharged 6th generation Golf R with VR6 engine.
To be honest, stock Challenger has lost to tuned Corvette Z06, tuned GT-R, but beats the ZL1 Camaro. It means that it is still the most powerful muscle car on market and 707 HP street legal king.

Challenger Hellcat beaten by Golf video
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