The Best Full Size Sedan: Chevy Impala Or Ford Taurus?


Those who want to choose a full size sedan may hesitate between Chevy Impala and Ford Taurus. Both of these vehicles are quite similar, both of them are used by individual drivers and by government entities, both of them are spacious inside with a good driving dynamics. What to choose then, if they don’t look that different at first sight?

Styling Compared

There’re no obvious criteria to estimate these vehicles in terms of design. In most cases the choice depends on your personal preferences. As far as we can say, Impala feels more elegant while Taurus is more brutal and makes “heavier” impression. Nevertheless, Taurus isn’t as big as Impala inside. Even though Impala is said to be more technologically advanced and more modern in terms of interior, it’s not that obvious.

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Ford Taurus VS Chevy Impala comparison

Trim Levels and Prices Comparison

The choice of trims is wider, if you consider buying Taurus. Ford model has four trim levels while Chevrolet offers three of them.

The base model of Taurus goes as SE. It’s equipped with Ti-VCT V6 engine of 3.5 litres. The base model of Impala known as LS is made with ECOTEC 2.5-litre engine with four cylinders. Inside of base variant of Impala you can listen to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, use USB ports and wireless Bluetooth technologies. Taurus has AM/FM stereo and offers you a CD player which supports MP3. This version of Taurus has LED taillamps. Its competitor is equipped with halogen headlamps and automatic on and off system. In terms of safety, Chevrolet offers traction control, brake control, air bags and more. Ford gives you SOS Post-Crash Alert System, Belt-Minder, seat belt pretensioners and other features.

To get all of these things you’ll have to pay from $28,375 for Impala LS and from 27,345 for Taurus SE.

The top models of these vehicles are Premier by Chevrolet and SHO by Ford. The former one uses 3.6-litre V6 engine, the latter one is equipped with 3.5-iltre EcoBoost of V6 kind. Chevrolet offers you to control audio and other systems using buttons on the steering. Ford is equipped with a steering of a heated type. Impala’s seats are heated while Taurus’ seats are ventilated. Chevrolet has chromed handles on its doors while Ford’s handles match the overall color of the body. Taurus has such safety features as LATCH, Perimeter alarm, SOS Post-Crash Alert System and others. Its competitor is equipped with Brake Assist, rear vision camera, StabiliTrak control and more.

The price of the best Impala trim is $36,720. Top-notch Taurus will cost you $42,520.

As far as you can see, the base variant of Impala will cost you slightly more than the same type of Taurus. For this money Chevrolet gives you more safety features and has a lot of modern features. Nevertheless, Taurus is stronger when it comes to SHO trim which is made to be dynamic.
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