How to choose CVT car


When you decide to purchase a new car one of the most important criterion is transmission type. If you had such a challenge a few decades ago, your choice would be limited to manual and automatic transmissions. Now that technology speeds up and multiplies new offers you can be more specific in your preferences.

Manual, DCT, CVT; it seems that you are in a driver paradise. However, one of the most convenient transmissions is known as CVT. What are its advantages and how to choose it? Read along.

how to choose cvt car nissan
CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission is simply designed but gives good performance under most conditions. To be precise CVT has two pulleys which are connected with each other by a belt. They change gears due to ability to change their size. How is it good for a driver? It allows you to carefully park at the parking lot and reach top speeds at the freeway at the same time.
Today CVT is getting more popular being used in many cars. It is a simple transmission in fact. CVT can be found in autos of high performance because its pulleys make it possible to go faster and faster.

how to choose cvt car

Why Choosing CVT

When choosing a CVT car you should think about a purpose. Thus, such type of transmission is good for fuel consumption. What is more, CVT is perfect for those who love speed. It has no gear changes in fact so the drive ratio is varied continuously. Nevertheless, driving CVT is much similar to a typical manual with a slipping clutch which is a drawback. CVT needs you to get used to its driving style because it is a bit untypical. However, once you have done it you get the feeling of driving in a smooth and relaxed way even at high speeds. What is more, when having this type of transmission you can easily foot on the pedal to achieve better performance. It is convenient and pleasant. CVT durability is also of no complaints. Especially Subaru and Honda drivers claim that it is very reliable type of transmission. Nevertheless, CVT Nissan is said to have some problems at this point.

how to choose cvt car transmission

Eventually, Continuously Variable Transmission has a lot of advantages. Cars with such transmission are highly praised and get good reviews. So when you choose one you can expect to economize on fuel and get smooth driving experience as well as durability. The only problem you may face is that CVT is expensive to change. In case you get some problems with it you will have to pay from $4,000 to $5,000 to have it replaced. That is a significant disadvantage still which may overweigh all the best features of CVT.
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