2017 Dodge Cuda release date, redesign and pictures


The 2017 Dodge Barracuda SRT Coupe will replace the Dodge Challenger muscle car.

Ralph Dills, vice president of design for the Chrysler group and head of the sports SRT division, has said he would like to see the Cuda model revived.

2017 Dodge Cuda release date

When will we be able to see a model of the twenty-first century Cuda? The new Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro will appear in about three or four years, and Chrysler have stated that the Cuda should be released at approximately at the same time. Most likely, we will see the first production model in 2017.

Release date: mid 2017

2017 Dodge Cuda rebirth

The Motor Trend reports that the release of the next generation Dodge Challenger coupé in the traditional form should not be expected. The Chrysler group allegedly intends to replace the muscle car with a Cuda, which will be retractable at least in its design model. Although, based on the information that is available to journalists, it will be more of a PR move than a revival of the legendary Plymouth Cuda.

2017 Dodge Cuda price

There has not yet even been a hint about the price of the new car, but the Cuda has never exactly been cheap. Most likely, prices for the 2017 Dodge Cuda model will start at around $55,000.

2017 Dodge Cuda rumors

Firstly, the Plymouth brand was discontinued in 2001, and the Cuda as well as the upcoming Viper will be positioned under the SRT (Street and Racing Technology) brand. Secondly, it is the widespread belief that externally the new vehicle will not exhibit the fascinating closed forms seen on the first to third generations produced from 1970 to 1974. Thirdly, the car will be evidently more compact than the original and the “Challenger” which it is designed to replace.

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2017 Dodge Cuda redesign

Other sources have reported that the new Cuda will be radically different from the model of the Challenger, which it is set to replace. The reason for this will be the Chrysler LX platform that was derived from Mercedes-Benz in the days when it was under the control of Daimler.

For the modern version of the Cuda the current platform is very large, so it is expected to have its wheelbase shortened by 150 mm and its total length reduced by 200 mm. The new model will have dimensions comparable with the Ford Mustang. Its weight is also expected to decrease by 160 kg.

2017 Dodge Cuda platform

The car, according to rumors, will be built on a new rear-drive platform, which is currently being developed by the Alliance FIAT-Chrysler, mainly for the needs of the future Alfa Romeo.

According to MotorTrend, the Cuda will get the platform from the forthcoming Alfa Romeo sedan – the car key to launching the Italian brand in the United States. This machine, which will be in the same league as the BMW 5-series, should appear in 2016, but it is possible that Fiat will delay both models.

2017 Dodge Cuda video review

2017 Dodge Cuda engine line

Gamma power units will consist of several options: the new 4-cylinder turbocharged Tigershark 2.4-liter engine, the V-shaped 6-cylinder Pentastar with a volume of 3.6 liters and the V-shaped 8-cylinder Hemi for the top version of the car.

2017 Dodge Cuda pictures

  • Michael Tarpey

    The Cuda Will Love to see it come back Dodge or Plymouth they are Both POWER Houses

  • Dean Kanellis

    Hearing the return of the Cuda is exciting however, if it’s going to resemble any of these renditions shown here it would be a disservice to this iconic American muscle machine. It resembles more like a Camero than a Cuda. I hope the SRT group will keep the Cuda true to it’s form, i.e like the Challenger.

  • Lance Rob

    Fiat Chrysler will be long dead by then the buzzards are already circling. lol

  • brojenks

    if you believe that ralph “DILLS” is building anything for a cuda, then you are high. that looks like a POS camaro with a shitty dodge rendered front end.

  • Don Echo Wilson

    Well I wonder how many other Iconic Dodge/Plymouth Brands will be screwed up? First was the Charger, with 4 damn Doors.. WTF… Who was the Idiot that thought that was a “great idea”, Then the Challenger came back, ok fine.. You guys in the design shop didn’t make it suck, by adding two more doors to it. But wait, you brought the Dart back, and again, it got two more doors, and a lame ass engine. So I have figured it out… Since Chrysler owned Dodge, and Plymouth, and them shooting them in the freaking Foot.. Fiat bought them. The only reason I can bitch about these cars and what they’ve done to them, is because my Father owned them.. 68 Charger 500/SE, 70 Challenger T/A, and a 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger, that could whip a 70 Mach1 Mustang and Camaro all day long! So if you bright sparks at Chrysler want to being a Icon of you past Muscle Cars, do it right.. Cause you don’t see 4 door Camaros or Mustangs on the road to you? Maybe its a Age thing.. they’re to young to know what real cars are??

    • mobycat

      But the original Dart did have 4-door versions, so that’s not really that big of a deal.

      The Barracuda/’Cuda should remain in the grave until they resurrect the Plymouth name. Which means they should never use the name again, because there’s no way in hell they’re going to bring back the Plymouth brand.

      (I had a 1974 Barracuda – not one of the badass ones… but it was still a Barracuda)

  • dvldwg89

    71 cuda all the way.

  • Dan McElroy

    Just inject the Hellcat with steroids and call it a “Cuda”! No reason to ruin the icon by making it look like a POS Camaro!

  • Greg Oudshoorn

    Congratulations Chrysler you just created a the next EFN Camaro wanna be. And not the old camaro mind you, no you geniuses copied the new ultra hideous abortion from Garbage Motors. After I’m done PUKING my guts out I’m now going to hang my head in shame for a month. If thats the best Chrysler can do LEAVE IT BURIED RIP. After doing a rather decent job of a retro Challenger, YOU FUMBLE ONE of the Most ICONIC muscle cars ever conceived. I’m ashamed to call myself a MOPAR man.This is the kinda tramatic change a man must go through when he’s turning GAY. to date I have owned 4 Dodge Rams 2 Chargers, 1 Intrepid, 1 Roadrunner 1Cuda 2 Darts. Still have 2 Rams & 2 Chargers. Well Chrysler if I want a Camaro I’LL BUY IT FROM GM.

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Rumors regarding the new reincarnation of the popular muscle car have been circulating for a long time, but it is still just speculation. However, if there is even a tiny possibility of a Cuda release, it might well just be a restyled version of the Dodge Challenger.

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