Citroen C4 face-lift 2015 release date, specs, price


The updated French hatchback Citroen C4 face-lift 2015 officially debuts in the spring 2015 on the annual Geneva International motor show. The French producer made the decision not to wait for a public premiere and shared information about changes in design of an exterior and an interior of restyling version C4 Citroen in December 2014. They shared information about technical characteristics and new equipment which is earlier not offered for model even as additional options. Learn more about other new models of hatchback which are coming in 2015.

2015 Citroen C4 release date

The sales of new Citroen C4 in Europe and Russia are planned for April 2015. The price isn’t sounded yet, but according to preliminary information it will remain at the level the previous versions. Later in the end of 2015 Citroen is planning to release another new model – Citroen DS4 facelift 2015.

Release date: February 2015

The second generation of a hatchback Citroen C4 is issued since the end of 2010. And in four years of production in the world more than 450 thousand copies of the stylish hatchback are sold. Because Citroen represents its interests in highly competitive European class C. New Citroen C 4 2015 has innovations of a car body. The face lift affected on headlights and rear marker lights. For the rest designers left appearance of a hatchback untouched — stylish, bright with traditional French charm. Restyling versions C4 Citroen are equipped with new LED headlights of head optics with dark rims and strips of LED day running lights. Rear marker lights got diode light filling, firm 3D effect from Citroen and stylish graphics. The producer promises some new colors  of enamel in addition to a wide palette available nowadays, and alloy wheels  of R17 with new drawings. Process of updating didn’t cause change of external overall dimensions of a body of a five-door hatchback. The Citroen C4 2015-2016 has in length 4329 mm, in width 1789 mm (taking into account external mirrors of-2050 mm), in height 1489 mm, wheel base is 2608 mm and clearance is 135 mm. There is the modernized steering wheel with smaller number of buttons than its  predecessor had, the new block multimedia system with simpler and logical management and the 7 inch color touch screen. There are  modern options for the updated Citroen C4 face-lift  such as: system of non-key access and the button of engine start (takes place under the right hand of the driver on panel), navigation with display picture in the long term, new traction-control system (it transfers draft to a wheel with more coupling), the assistant  at start to hill, systems of monitoring of blind zones and crossing of  marking lines, advanced  fog lamp with ability to highlight turns. Interior finish has better quality and also there are new colors of seats upholstery.

New Citroen C4 specs, engines

Technical characteristics of new Citroen C4 2015-2016 are based on the PSA2 platform (there is a front strut  McPherson and  torsion beam is behind). Under a hood of updated C4 Citroen for the European market three cylinder petrol engines of the PureTech series and four-cylinder BlueHDi motors on the level of emission in the atmosphere of CO2 stacking in norms of Euro 6 will register.

Petrol motors: 1,2 liter PureTech (110 h.p. 205 n.m.) with 6 mechanic transmission consumes 4,7 liters of gasoline; 1,2 liter PureTech (130 h.p. 230 n.m.) with start-stop system and automatic 6 step transmission (EAT6) consumes only 4,8 liters of gasoline on one hundred kilometers. Diesel engines are equipped with the selective catalyst (deletes nitrogen oxides by Adblue liquid). The tank for Adblue liquid contains 17 liters, it is enough for 20 thousand km. 1,6-liter BlueHDi (100 h.p. 254 n.m.) with 6 mechanic transmission spends 3,3 liters of diesel fuel (in the presence of system start feet); 1,6-liter BlueHDi (120 h.p. 300 n.m.) is equipped with 6 mechanic transmission and start-stop system, consumption of fuel in the mixed movement mode — 3,6 liters. Exact pricing is still yet to be confirmed on the 2015 Citroen C4. However, Citroen sources have confirmed that the new car will remain in the 26 840 USD to 32940 USD price bracket.

2015 Citroen C4 face-lift release date

Article about the 2015 Citroen C4 face-lift has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.

As well as the related brand Peugeot, Citroen reported about significant growth in sales volume for the first half of 2014 in Europe and China, its most important markets. World sales of a brand increased by 7% to 624 000 cars. China and Europe make 85% of total sales.China remains the largest market of Citroen, making a quarter of world sales of the company. The French car maker sold there more than 160 000 cars owing to what the gain made 16% in the market which itself grew by 13%. C-Elysée sedan (46 000 sold units) and C4 L (35 000 sold units) were the main models in China.

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