Citroen DS4 Is The Debut Model For New Premium Subbrand


The famous French automaker presented upgrade Citroen DS4 2015 hatch. The car looks rather dynamic, interesting and stylish, just for the people of modern generation. There weren’t many changes in an interior and an exterior. Just a new engine line-up and widened body color palette. One more speciality is the new multimedia system.

Externally the car looks as a three-door hatch though it is five-door. The secret of such deceptive design is covered in short back doors with the disguised handles and also in intentionally long front doors. So courageous design decision in combination with the large windscreen and big wheel arches, makes the shape of Citroën DS4 facelift more sporty. To emphasize the premium status of the car, developers used the chrome-plated elements for car body. These are Citroën badges, a strip on a bottom of a radiator grill, fog lights framing and side windows decoration.

Characteristics Of a New Car

Thanks to the large windows the interior of 2015 Citroen DS4 facelift is filled with light, and excellent visibility is provided to a driver and four passengers. Сozy seats fitted by high-quality materials give comfort during a trip. Due to folded back seats small trunk capacity could be increased: 36 cubic ft (1021 liters) instead of 13,5 cubic ft (385 liters).

The three-cylinder 130 h.p. motor with 1.2L capacity of PureTech family is presented in engine line-up now. It replaced the outdated 120 h.p. VTi engine.

Besides, the 120 h.p. four-cylinder diesel motor 1.6 is available to DS4. Both engines are combined with a six-speed mechanical transmission. The petrol and diesel engines have good fuel economy and low CO2 emissions for their power.

As for color palette it is extended to red, blue and black. Also the buyers can order Citroen DS4 Electro Shot with a black roof. DS 4 Electro Shot is the first model produced by new ” DS Line tuning studio” in the  city Miluz in France. This tuning studio allows to create more refined and personalized offers for the most exacting clients.

As an additional option the DS Connect BOX GPS module is available to a Citroen DS4 which allows to watch car location trough mobile application and to receive messages about activated alarm system.

2015 Citroen DS4 Facelift release date

Article about the 2015 Citroen DS4 Facelift has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.

History of brand

Citroen DS4 was presented at the International motor show in Paris in 2010 fall. The car is developed on the basis of High Rider concept car. It is notable for interesting smooth shape. Such shape is often typical among coupes and the same time it is very unusual form for a hatchback. Citroen DS 4 has special configuration of rear doors with hidden handles. Rear doors join with relief of rear wheels arches, forming complete composition. Back lamps remind boomerangs and look very fresh. The combination with high landing and big windscreen gives rather good field of view for driver.

Citroen DS4 is a premium class car has already won some respectable international awards is “The most beautiful interior” (the International Automobile Festival), “The most beautiful car of year” and “Auto Bild Design Award” for the best design.

As it was reported earlier, the DS brand which received independence within alliance PSA Peugeot Citroen by 2020 will bring six models to the world market. The brand has three global products now: DS3, DS4 and DS5.  Sedan DS 5LS and DS 6WR SUV is developed especially for China. In the future car line-up will be expanded by Citroen DS4 CS. The executive chief of the brand Citroen Yves Bonfon confirmed  that DS will play the same role in PSA as Audi plays in Volkswagen group. Eventually the subbrand expects to enter the USA auto market.
  • tommyd

    Looks good!
    I quite like the high ride height myself but each to their own.
    Got any more mods planned?

  • Adrimeth

    I actually have a C4 model from 2011. This is a car for more relaxed than dynamic driving. It handles great during side wind. I think the suspension is way too soft. Change of springs will make the ride more on a firm side.

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