Common Tech Issues With Toyota Venza


Since Toyota Venza is positioned as a family minivan, it must take care of safety first of all. Many drivers are anxious about this very aspect and in this article we’ll try to outline the most widespread tech issues with Toyota Venza.

Noisy Steering and Weak Paint

The biggest amount of complaints concerning Venza is connected with 2009 generation. Most of the vehicles released this year have steering problems. To be more specifics this issue is described as steering column rattle noise. It is the case with EPS column when you turn your steering wheel or drive on rough surfaces. It will cost you around $3,500 to have this issue fixed. Some of the 2010 and 2011 version are said to have the same problem.

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Another problem with 2009 Venzas is that its paint chips too easily. The paint is so soft that even plastic garbage can leave a scratch on your Venza. So if you plan to trade your Venza the scratches will not do any good for you. Polishing scratches won’t help in this case.


There’s another issue with 2010 Venzas. Many of them have problems with braking rotors. Unfortunately they get worn-out too soon. In addition, some of the models’ braking rotors start causing a kind of a grinding or vibration. You can feel it at low speeds only, for example during stop-and-go traffic on the highway. It typically occurs after your gets warmed up with around 30 minutes of driving with braking.

Sunroof Explosion

One of the most significant and even dangerous problems has been detected in case with 2012 and 2013 Venzas. It’s nothing less than explosion of a sunroof. There’s no certain explanation for this but it may be connected with the body stiffness. Another reason is said to be connected with the composition of glass which isn’t balanced enough. It’s interesting that such explosions occur with the new vehicles which have around 2,000 mileage and with those vehicles which have gone far beyond 20,000 mileage. By the way, it will cost more than $2,000 to save yourself from such an explosion.

Transmission lags and faulty AC

V6 Venzas are often reported to have noticeable shifting in the Vehicles’ Automatic Transmission. It happens when driving on the streets. It occurs when a vehicle accelerates slowly between 25 to 35 MPH. The problem is that the automatic transmission can’t find the proper gear. If you try to slow your ride down from 35 MPH to 25 MPH you won’t feel that it’s as smooth as it should be.

Another problem which some drivers have is connected with air conditioning. It starts blowing warm air after the first 30 minutes when you start your car and drive it. After about 30 minutes the air cools a bit but it’s still not as cold as you might want it. The air output level decreases as the time goes. So, if you set to the highest blowing level you’ll feel like it’s blowing at a mid-level.

Other Minor Problems

There’re numerous instances saying that Toyota Venza often has its battery discharged without an obvious reason.

Some of the other issues are:

  • A loud growl can be heard for a couple of seconds when Venza is started.
  • Air bag light gets on.
  • Going over bumps can cause rattling and violent shaking.
  • Rear suspension tends to bounce.
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