Connected Cars Is Our Nearest Future


Vehicles packed with devices seem to be the future of car industry. Another branch of such technologies is known as connected cars. What are this, how it works and its advantages are in this article?

Connected Vehicle Technology

It all started back to 1996. General Motors was responsible for the first vehicles of such type. The company used telematics system for making voice calls in case of emergency. Owing to technological progress connected car technology got equipped with GPS locations as well as the opportunity to combine voice and data at the same time.

GM vehicle was a success in terms of safety and many other companies were interested in this technology. When 2001 year came the vehicle got equipped with remote diagnostics. Two years later connected car technology included health reports, turn-by-turn directions as well as a device providing access to the network. 2007 was the year when data-only telematics was introduced to the world. 2 years ago 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots access was set on

2007 was the year when data-only telematics was introduced to the world. 2 years ago 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots access was set on the board of Audi A3. This year was a breakthrough for GM too because the company introduced 4G LTE technologies.

Definition of a Connected Car

What is a connected car? Its meaning is rather versatile because technologies change with incredible speed. In general, it’s a car which is equipped with devices connecting your vehicle with other devices inside.

They can also connect your vehicle with outside device or devices inside of other cars. Some of the vehicles can connect with home or office devices. Connected cars of today usually have access to the Internet. It may sound a bit complicated but it’s exactly what a connected car is.

Connected Car Benefits

First of all, connected vehicle is safer because they can detect obstacles and pedestrians in advance. So they can brake even before you react. They will also alert vehicles behind which will reduce the number of car accidents. Connected cars can also help to minimize traffic jams. When they detect a traffic jam they can potentially find ways to counteract them. Thus, such vehicles are great at saving time.

Connected car benefits help you not to feel lonely. The fact is that their technologies may potentially find a person waiting for a ride so you don’t need to travel alone anymore. Infotainment system is also improved in cars of such type. They include music, radio, news, films, messages, information about environment and much more. In addition they can use tons of apps to make your ride unique and made specially for you so to speak.
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