How Crash-Proof Human Might Be Look Like


Are you ready to have hard times in inviting someone out to a date? Are you ready to have a ridiculous head, the good deal of fat and strange looking body? Maybe you are ready to have a flat face with an expression as if it has been hit with an anvil? How about two small holes instead of typical ears? Do you plan to develop a few more sacks of air in the area of your ribs?

This all may sound as part of article against consuming society which clutches smartphones and eats tons of fast food but it is not. It is simply an example of what people would look like if they were crush proof. Such a human exist. His name is Graham and he was created in Melbourne. It was an experiment conducted by Transport Accident Commission of Australia (TCA) and a team of artists. Graham was created for an upcoming campaign in support for road safety campaign which goes as Toward Zero.

crash-proof human graham

The basis for such an untypical approach to safety is that our autos do evolve much better than we do. As David Logan, a member of the research team from Monash University explains our body structure simply is not design to handle all the injuries which we may get during a simple crash.

Crash-Proof Design

This is where Graham is useful. His skull is made in an unusual way. Too big for a typical human. However, this is exactly the size which we would need to protect our brain against damage caused by a car accident. Such size simply absorbs potential force and saves us almost perfectly. The amount of fat on Graham’s face is not the result of eating hamburgers. It can protect such a human from injuries as well owing to its ability to adjust to a situation. If you were Graham’s relative, you would have no neck at all. This would minimize the risk of spine and back being broken. As you can guess such a human has thick layers of skin which also reduce outer impacts. Ribs are all equipped with sacks of air. You do need them all but they may help to protect your ribs from being hurt.

graham crash-proof human
Bear in mind that human of this kind is made to survive not only as a driver or passenger but also as a pedestrian. This is why Graham’s legs are made unusual too. Thus, you can find one more joint in his ankle which makes him very mobile not to mention enhanced mobility of knees.

It goes without saying that existence of Graham sibling in the real world is highly unlikely. However, it is rather curious to know that we could have a different look which is pretty but far from what we could call attractive. So let Graham be just a funny illustration of our impossible future.
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