Craziest Pikes Peak prototypes


Among many car contests Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is highly popular. It is created for a car as well motorcycle drivers. It was first launched in 1916. Up to our days, it is still highly anticipated among drivers and auto fans. It is also known as Pikes Peak or Race to the Clouds. The total length of the track is 12.42 miles including more than 156 turns. It has been paved in 2011. There are no strict limitations on vehicles. So, it does not matter what you drive car, motorcycle, truck or quad. Any class can participate. During its long history, PPIHC has seen a lot of interesting vehicles. Here is the list of the most interesting ones.

Acura NSX

Almost handmade model by Cody Loveland. He has changed every detail but central part of the body. All the frames have been replaced as well. Panels are made from carbon fiber by DHP Composites.

acura nsx pikes peak

Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak

Stars come back to earth sometimes. This is the description for this auto. 405 became famous after Climb Dance film where it had a role. Peugeot 405 was crazy in its days. Two years of competitions were victorious for the model. It had an engine with productivity 600 horsepower. There were a lot of latest technologies such as four-wheel steering, for instance.

1988 peugeot 405 t16 pikes peak

Freightliner Cascadia

Heavyweight is in the game. 4.5 ton truck with 14.7-liter engine is driven by Mike Ryan. The idea of using this beast occurred to Mike after numerous stunts in Hollywood films. The driver usually shows his skills in a demonstrative Exhibition class but now he is determined to try himself in Pikes Peak Open.

freightliner cascadia pikes peak

Audi Quattro Pikes Peak

It was that very car which made carmakers think about Pikes Peak. This was four wheel drive with more than 600 horsepower which is still quite impressive. It was driven by Michele Mouton.

audi quattro pikes peak

Skelta G-Force

Australian first model to participate in PPIHC. It takes its super lightweight as an advantage. 177 pounds make Skelta really slim. It uses engine and transmission by Honda S2000. Skelta’s most serious competitors are known as Nissan GT-R and Lamborghini Gallardo.

skelta g force pikes peak


This is a hybrid of buggy and IndyCar. The engine provides incomparable 1400 horsepower which is not that easy to handle.

pva-03 pikes peak

Suzuki Grand Vitara

This auto brought three wins from 2006 to 2008 to Monster Tajima. This four wheel drive with 900 horsepower had a reputation of a ‘hairdresser’ before Tajima brought it to victory.

suzuki grand vitara pikes peak

Monster Sport Pikes Peak Special

Electric cars are thought to be slow. The Monster of a hill climb Nobuhiro Tajima proves different. He is going to change his sportscar for this compact auto which uses two electric engines planted in the front and rear sides.

monster sport pikes peak special
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