Dodge M4S – The Star for Sale


Those of you who were mad about one of the craziest movies of the 80s will be glad to know more about the car starring there. If you still do not understand what we are going to talk about, there is a hint. Before his overwhelming fame, Charlie Sheen was an actor in a movie known as The Wraith. Do you remember that bloodthirsty spirit of a murdered teen? The spirit wanted to find revenge and his soul lived inside of the ultra-modern concept car. It was The Wraith and it was one of the craziest films of the 80s.

Dodge Turbo Interceptor

To be honest, there was no particular vehicle. This supercar was created in a number of variants which had the different design. Some other autos appeared in the movie while others were declined by a director. If you still have a dream to obtain this legendary concept car, there is such an opportunity. Dodge M4S is for sale already. Its price is as much as $150,000. Is it enough to pay for a dream?

In fact, Dodge M4S is the official name of this car. For those who have watched The Wraith, this model stays known as Turbo Interceptor. Even if you are unfamiliar with this film, you must have heard this title before.

The productivity of this supercar concept was not that low. The vehicle could output up to 440 horsepower. There are rumors that it was not the limit for the engine used and the auto could develop even more power. Nevertheless, professionals from Lamborghini department put the gossips to an end. In fact, Lamborghini engineers have brought this model to a new level. First of all, they have upgraded M4S so that the vehicle could produce around 800 horsepower. In addition, the auto was equipped with turbo engine which had four cylinders. The displacement of this powerplant was 2.2 liters. Such changes were really cool and they made this supercar number hit, however, there is one more thing. Turbo Interceptor has earned its name owing to being a pioneer in the aspect of twin turbo technologies. Thus, the model has left a significant legacy for other cars using the same technologies. For instance, Toyota Supra, Porsche 959 and many other cars used them.

Dodge M4S Performance

What is more, Dodge M4S is fast enough. The vehicle is capable of making it from 0 to 60 just in four seconds. Perhaps, these indicators are not that high for today’s supercars but it was a matter of praise back in the 80s. The top speed of this vehicle was impressive as well. 185 MPH were a head-spinning speed those days. Thus, the auto almost killed a stunt driver when filming The Wraith. So, for the safety purposes, two following prototypes of the vehicle were toned down.
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