One of the craziest trucks ever: Dodge Ram SRT-10


This unique model of Dodge has been manufactured from 2004 to 2006. It was a crazy experiment by the carmaker which included a huge Viper engine put inside of a shortened cabin. It entailed a lot of changes. It was a rare type of vehicles but around 9,527 units have been released. Taking into account the price and specifics of the truck, it’s quite unexpected.

Viper Power

To be precise, this Dodge had 8.3-litre Viper unit of V10 type. It produced around 500 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque. This vehicle could reach up to 154 MPH making it 0-60 in 4.9 sec.

Among the aspects inherited from the 2nd generation of Viper this engine had the compression ratio, the order of firing and the length of rod. The standard version of this car was equipped with Tremec transmission.

Use of this unit also led to the suspension modifications. The classical independent suspension was modified as well as steering. This truck boasted a suspension which was tuned in a custom way. Plus, it had hydroformed frame which belonged to DOdge Ram. It made the vehicle lower at the fornt and rear.

Crazy Look

This truck also looked crazy. It was made with a specific hood which was designed to absorb cool air and “exhale” hot air. There were a lot of badges saying “Viper Powered”. Plus, you could find SRT10 symbols placed on side doors, they were covered with chrome. Kickerpanels were of the shade which matched the whole body color of the car. Another interesting thing was a tonneau cover with a spoiler attached to it.

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Inside of the vehicle you could enjoy eight speakers by the Infinity brand. There was a map navigation system. It was colourful with LED technologies. Bluetooth connectivity could also be used. The vehicle included a Satellite radio.

Leather seats were of charcoal shade. Having inherited a lot from the Dodge Viper the vehicle had a red “Start” button which could be found on the dashboard. The pedals were performance-inspired, they were made of aluminum.
New Ram SRT-10 was also equipped with re-calibrated speedometer and tachometer.

Is it possible to expect anything similar today? At least not from Fiat Chrysler. The company is having hard times which are not very good for making experiments. Since Viper supercar is not released any more the probability of something similar is even lower. Even though Ram Rebel plays on the market of pickups to go extreme it’s still closer to off-road experience than to high speeds.
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