Dodge Viper discontinued in 2017: lack of safety


The reason for Viper supercar’s departure into retirement lies not only in the poor demand. An informed source said that the seemingly unpopular decision … dictated by the lack of passive safety.

Long-suffering Viper, as we know, will come down from the stage in 2017. It is a pity, because the car is really crazy. The new generation Viper was created already in the formation of a new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but did not lose fighting spirit, but reached a new level of ergonomics and on-board electronics.

dodge viper

Initially, in the upcoming production stop the lack of demand is blaming, but the real reason seems to be different. Aware insider assured Motor Trend: the reason is insufficient passive safety. Viper is dangerous for the driver? At the moment, the legislation does not prevent the operation of the model on public roads, but in 2017 will come into force new federal requirements, namely standard FMVSS № 226, directing the need for inflatable “curtain” airbags. If you set them on a current generation car, the there are simply won’t be sufficient headroom for driver and passenger.

However, Viper does not sink into oblivion. It involves the development of a successor, which like many modern Dodge/Chrysler models will move to the Italian platform. Loss of American roots is forgivable, since the possible basis is considered rear-drive chassis will be Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan.
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