AWD Version of Dodge Challenger Is Possible


Dodge Challenger Hellcat has gained its fame owing to being one of the fastest autos which you can obtain with a budget below $100,000. Nevertheless, opportunities of this vehicle are much wider than you can imagine. In fact, this monstrous vehicle has, even more, power than it is claimed by the automaker.

However, driving it to the fullest can be a tricky idea. To be honest, Dodge has not given any official confirmation on during its leader vehicle into AWD. Nonetheless, there are an obvious reason as well as hints from the company.

Thus, Challenger created as the all-wheel drive was presented at GT AWD earlier this year. A bit later Hellcat with a really wide body and rear drive technologies was promised to appear. The expectations are that it will debut in 2017 at one of the car shows. It is said that this auto is going to be purposed for racing and different competitions. As far as we know, it may well appear at American Drag Racing. By the way, its name is promised to be updated as well. According to the latest promises, it will be presented as ADR.

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Charger which is based on Challenger platform is already using all-wheel drive technologies to the fullest. This production was started back in 2007. Nevertheless, such approach has never been used in a case with Challenger. There are hints that Hellcat can be presented as Challenger ADR companion which means that it can be of AWD type as well.

FCA has already implemented AWD technologies in its Grand Cherokee Hellcat. It is built with potential wide enough to produce up to 707 horsepower. If we speak theoretically, we can predict that there is a high possibility for Challenger Hellcat with a wide body to rely on the same all-wheel-drive technology.

In the meantime, Challenger, as well as Charger, are going to be through serious redesigning. They are said to be completely redesigned by the year 2018. Both models will use rear-drive technologies borrowed from Alfa Romeo Giulia. By the way, it is expected that the new platform will provide from 400 to 500 lbs more in comparison to the current situation.

Other rumors predict that new convertible known as Barracuda which is based on Challenger will also be redesigned. However, it is still too far away from the market. The expectations are to see it in 2012 only. So, we are going to hope that such changes will not be postponed or delayed for a longer period of time.

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