Self-Driving Car, Driverless Cars Are the Future of Autonomous Vehicles


Today’s auto market struggles to find new decisions which will make driving process easier and safer. Driverless cars are one of the most popular branches which can be the future of the auto world. So what exactly is a vehicle without a driver?


Such technology has different names. Among them are an autonomous car, a driverless car, a self-driving and robotic car. The idea of such vehicle is that it can understand and calculate environment around and navigate itself without a human. It is made possible due to GPS, lidar or radar.

The vehicles that use radar or GPS are simple enough. They get information about environment and situation on road by the means of satellite. The case with lidar is different. This is laser based technology which requires special sensing tech. The production of such tech needs silicon which is cheaper. In addition this technology is more accurate compared to GPS. Silicon competitor is gallium nitride. This substance makes it possible to produce even smaller, faster and more economical transistors. Owing to laser use self0driving car can create a detailed 3D map of the environment around it. Using cameras and required software provides all the data necessary. Google vehicles make use of this technology in its production.

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Self-Driving Cars Today

The reality of autonomous vehicles includes numerous tests. The leaders in this are Google, Mercedes-Benz, Delphi, Audi, Bosch, and Tesla. Tesla is already implementing semi-autonomous technologies in mass production. Their Autopilot system makes it possible for a car to drive itself for short distances under human control. Tesla provides cars with three cameras and improved radar to collect information about things around the car. The company also works on sound based system which will detect obstacles and build up your route. Tesla Autopilot is learning how to read stop signs and how to understand traffic lights.

Tesla continues to search the key to a fully autonomous car. There are ambitious enough and promise to have find it by 2018. Not only does Tesla improve software and techs but the battery used as well.

In The Future

What is the reality of autonomous vehicles? They all are self-driving. It means that such autos have Autopilot like systems but they still need a human to correct them. You cannot trust the whole route to such a car. The future of such cars is a driverless vehicle. This one does not need a human assistance. You can rely on it totally. How can it help us? First of all, such cars are safer because the presence of computer makes it possible to calculate space and maintain constant speed.

They do not make typical human mistakes. In addition, the road congestion will be decreased. Driverless cars are good for economy because they do not require human assistance. However, the era of such sci-fi reality is still far away. First of all such cars require expensive details. The legislation of such cars is another issue. There are no laws which allow to punish a company or a driver in case of an accident. The moral aspect is a problem too. If the accident is inevitable and you have to between a lonely biker and a family of four, whom will you choose? Whom will choose the computer of your driverless car?
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