Electric Cars For 2016 With Features And Prices


Segment of electric cars is rapidly expanding. Such vehicles are more of a massive production today becoming everyday part of life. This market is rather diverse today and can boast about compact or luxurious autos. The list of 2016 electric vehicles is here.

BMW i3

The model was introduced in 2014. This is a small, futuristic and economical car of premium class. One of the electric powertrain offered is all electric 33 kWh battery which provides 170 BHP. Another variant is 33 kWh battery paired with petrol engine which is used to produce more energy for the battery. This stylish electric wonder will cost you around $34,260.

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Tesla Model S

2016 electric vehicles with the most comfortable saloon cannot compete with this model. It offers you facelifted exterior along with the latest technologies inside. Battery pack is capable of providing 60 kWh. The car makes it from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds with 130 MPH of top speed. It is also equipped with all-wheel-drive technologies. Top models are packed with features to improve performance.

Nissan Leaf

This bestseller in the world of electric cars has managed to find as much as 200,000 owners. This vehicle was one of the first electric cars to hit such number. It battery generates 30 kWh with 155 range of miles. A cheaper version is offered with 24 kWh battery pack. The cheapest variant will cost you around $26,500. It is one of those cars which can boast about high level of silence.

Kia Soul EV

Among 2016 electric vehicles you can find this crossover which is perfect for a quiet town. It is a strong competitor of BMW i3 with a significantly lower price. This car looks boxy but its interior cannot compete with BMW i3. Its cabin consists of recyclable materials. This vehicle includes such standard features as intelligent air-con along with infotainment system and simple navigation. 27 kWh battery powers this little wonder.

Renault Zoe

The car comfortable for everyday use. This is how Zoe is described. It offers attractive exterior and interior. $16,000 is the most attractive factor which will stimulate you to buy this model. It uses 22 kWh battery which is said to be perfect for 150-mile range. It is offered with a charger which charges your car up in 4 hours.

Volkswagen e-Golf

This is a good choice for a family. The model is spacious enough and offers fairly good safety features. The drawback is that it can do up to 80 miles only. If you can forget about it than you are unlikely to find any difference between this model and its conventional relative. It drives almost the same when taken on short trips.

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