New Study Suggests EV Cars Have Enough Range


Range aspect of electric autos is one of the questions which constantly worry those who have set an eye on such vehicles. Nevertheless, recent studies prove different saying that anxiety around this point is nothing more than an exaggeration.

According to researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology today’s electric cars provide the range which is enough for more than 80% of American drivers.

Nevertheless, e-vehicles do struggle to meet certain demands. Among them are opportunities to drive long travelling distances as well as charging batteries in a way as convenient as fueling a tank at a gas station. As researchers say these are the aspects which are more important than range issues. If they are improved in near future electric cars will benefit more. The fact is that many drivers today get into such situations as trip delay or being stranded because of vehicle battery which is dead.

100kwh tesla model s

The conclusion of the team is based on researches taken in different areas. The first research is based on data collected from GPS trackers in vehicles of Georgia, Texas as well as California. Another research uses data from National Household Travel Survey that has studied driving habits of the country. As for the last researches, they have conducted test on fuel economy as well as temperature influence on productivity of the battery.

Mileage for Average Trip

These studies have helped to understand that in most cases electric batteries provide enough juice to make a trip. Nonetheless, some buyers are still reluctant to buy EVs finding them to slow for long road trips. They think that engines of internal combustion are much more productive at this point.

tesla model 3

The researchers have estimated how good their electric 2013 Nissan Leaf is at 73 miles. It has significantly improved the range advertised, however this aspect still depends on speed along with style of driving. As for Tesla top class autos, they have ranges which are longer. Thus, S 90D company best range is 294 miles. The difference is that model by Tesla is priced around $89,500 while its Nissan competitor is under $30,000.

Meanwhile manufacturers say that they have started working on cars of long range. Thus, Tesla is said to be creating 100 kilowatt battery. Its purpose is to widen a car’s range up to 300 miles. Other cars which have not been confirmed officially but are rumored to be in production are Nissan Leaf of long range as well as 2017 Chevy Bolt. They are said to come this year with more than 200 miles.
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