Fast and Furious 8 cars starring


The phenomenon of American dream still keeps an army of Fast & Furious fans glued to their TVs. The story of typical street racers who have made their way to the world famous gang inspires a lot of people. So it does not come as a surprise that Fast & Furious 8 is already in production. Not to mention rumors about part 9 and 10 which have not been announced but are supposed to come.

fast and furious 8 cars spotted

Fast & Furious 8 Car List

The question all the lovers of this series are curious about is which cars will appear in the upcoming blockbuster. This time, budget spent on autos is even higher than it was in the previous parts of the film. With the total of $17 million, most expensive and exclusive cars will be presented. No doubt this is the richest collection of vehicle ever collected in filmmaking. According to the auto coordinator of Fast & Furious 8 McCarthy, it is not a simple garage where the cars are parked, it is Automative Valhalla.

1929 Ford Rat Rod
It is a retro pickup with 3.3-liter engine and manual transmission. It was one of the successors by Ford three million models of which were sold.

fast and furious 8 cars ford rat rod

McLaren 675LT
Ultra-modern sportscar which looks like a flying arrow will perform a lot of stunts in new Fast and Furious. The monster with 330 KPH of top speed and 675 horsepower is definitely going to be used to its limit.

fast and furious 8 cars mclaren

Ferrari F430
Speed and luxury come toe to toe in this saga. This tradition stays unchangeable with an introduction of sporty V8 F430.

fast and furious 8 cars ferrari

Rolls-Royce Wraith
A segment of comfort and representability is what film crew has thoroughly worked on. Four seat coupe with twin turbo V12 has something in store.

fast and furious 8 cars rolls-royce

Nissan IDx
The mean and unstoppable concept is going to play one of the leading roles in this show. Straight from the track to the movie set this beast is going to make it hot.

fast and furious 8 cars nissan idx

This is just a short list of vehicle you can expect to see. The final choice is going to be much sexier. There are also rumors about Speedkore Kuda and twin turbo Lamborghini to star in Fast 8.

Fast & Furious Setting

Traditionally top class cars are going to be set in untypical locations. It may sound unexpected but New York has never appeared in the saga. This time, Big Apple is going to feel the real speed. So will Cuba. Even though the government of the country has not given such permission yet but negotiations are in the process. What is more, it is said that some locations will be filmed in Iceland and Russia. Perhaps final choice will be slightly different from expectations but we still hope to see stunning scenery.

fast and furious 8 cars setting
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