Nissan GT-R Fastest Tuning Projects


When it comes to such categories as a conventional racing track or a drag strip, there’s not much need to fuss about introducing Nissan GT-R. There’re quite a lot of projects which still try to make the most of this vehicle. Some of them are so advanced that your GT-R can become stronger than a thousand of ponies. Is it really possible? Yes, this is how it all works.

The Gosha Turbo Tech

The vehicle of this kind known for its high speed and big power was developed in Russia. The whole world knows it as R35 Gosha Turbo Tech Moses. Needless to say that the teams responsible for this variant is Gosha Turbo Tech team. Just like any other car on this list Gosha has a few records. For example, it has has managed to break 1⁄4-mile record in 2014. The result of this car was 7.810 sec while its top speed was around 179 MPH. It outputs as much as 1,700 horsepower. Don’t expect such power even in upcoming 2018 GT-R.

The M&S Performance

Another impressive variant of the lineup described belongs to M&S Performance. There’re a lot of merits which this car owns. Many people know it for the participation in drag racing competitions held in the area of Texas. One of the outstanding achievements of M&S is 8.872 sec in 1/4 mile.

The AMS Alpha Omega

One more variant which is fast, powerful and simply unstoppable is a famous one. This is no other than AMS Alpha Omega. It has an impressive productivity of more than 2,000 horsepower. Its fame isn’t a trick, it’s a well-earned success because this very GT-R has broken a big amount of records. One of its most significant records is 7.7 sec in 1/4 mile. The vehicle is so fast that it reaches 0-100 MPH in 2.79 sec.

The Extreme Turbo Systems

Among other powerful relatives of such type there’s a vehicle named as Extreme Turbo Systems. Just like the car mentioned above it goes beyond the limit of 2,000 horsepower. There were two teams responsible for this modification. One of them is English Racing. Another one is Extreme Turbo Systems. The car succeeded in 1⁄4-mile category even more than once. The best time this car has achieved was 7 sec.

The F-Performance Garage

The next record breaker on this list goes as F-Performance Garage. Its power output is classical so to speak, it is 2,000 horsepower. The vehicle gained a lot of recognition in Middle-East. Its best time was 7.9 sec. By the way the team responsible for this modification of GT-R also upgrades Nissans. Thus one of the vehicles improved by them managed to have completed 1⁄4-mile in 8.5 sec.
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