FFZERO1 Concept Car Revealed – The Fastest EV Indeed


To the amazement of many drivers, the most anticipated concept by Faraday Future is known as FFZERO1 has been revealed. According to the company, this concept fully symbolizes their philosophy of carmaking.

Not only is this model a piece of art in terms of design but also it is one of the few electric vehicles which can boast about the high level of performance. What makes this car innovative is that FFZERO 1 is the pioneer of electric supercars. In addition, this model is highly adaptable. For example, its chassis can be contracted or extended according to your needs. There are so-called “strings” where the batteries are stored. So, you the number of batteries can be varied as well. Depending on the length of the “string” the car can change its weight, energy efficiency and even distance of a travel when the car is fully charged.

Such approach is useful for the production process. Thus, carmaker can create more cars at a shorter period of time and with a lower level of efforts. What is more, a car like this is environmentally friendly. In differing from traditional cars, this EV does not require unwieldy mechanical excess. To be precise, a car like this does not need a typical engine, exhaust pipes or storage of gasoline.

Such revolutionary concept gives carmaker an opportunity to focus more on the interior of their vehicle. It is said to be exclusively for driver and passengers comfort. Designers and engineers of FFZERO1 say that they use the different approach to this car. It is going to be created from inside out. Thus, comfort and electronic technologies are the centerpieces. Even though Faraday Future does not give any particular information, they say that driving process is going to be highly intuitive and ergonomic.

It is interesting that driver’s seat has inherited a lot from NASA design called “zero gravity”. Thus you can feel the unparalleled sense of weightlessness. In addition, the level of fatigue is significantly lower in such a seat. It means that your ride will be more relaxing and less stressful which is a useful idea.

The model uses a sophisticated aerodynamic tunnel which runs through its whole body. It helps to reduce drag and improve power efficiency. Moreover, the top speed will be much higher while battery and motor will get enough cooling. It is made possible owing to a different air direction across the surface of the car. The steering wheel has a space for driver’s mobile devices. It provides remote access to car setups. Power outputs can modify through such a system as well.

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